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  • Traveller - Candida?

    This product works very well to help reduce candida symptoms FAST. RENEW is a very trusted manufacturer. Thanks very much!

  • Alex - 2 days of use and already can see an improvement

    This stuff is so good it's scary. I've used it 3-4 times in the past couple of days since I got it, and already the dead, thick ugly skin under my nails (that I used to emery-board down when I could) is a little softer and comes out easier with a tool (Tweezerman Pushy & ingrown nail file). Nails are a little whiter, too. (They weren't/aren't as yellow as the ones pictured in the "before" photos on the product's box.) I swear they're even a little less ridged on top.

  • John Andrews - Average score should be much lower than 3 stars and I will tell you why

    I've read through most of the reviews for this product on Amazon. If you do the same, you'll notice that a large quantity of 5 star reviews are from customers who have not used the product long enough to provide an accurate assessment of the product's function. So considering this, most of the 5 star reviews should not be taken into account. Based on this the true average review score for this product should be less than two stars. As the saying goes, if it's too good to be true...it's probably not true. This product and the website that promotes the item, reads like a scam. If the product was as good as the manufacturer claims, then it would have 4 or 5 stars here on Amazon.

  • Pascal Bocherel - Unfinished Product, Beta version at best.

    Unfinished product, it's what come my mind each time I want to use it. I fully agree with most of the comments regarding issues. I bought mine in August and the unit have been plagued with issues: Complete lock up during 2 century rides with TBT Navigation on, by chance I had my Edge 520 in backup. More recently, unit won't even upload rides anymore on my Garmin Connect App and 50% of the FIT files end up corrupted. I'm back using the Edge 520 and I will to return the 820 but after almost 2 months ownership it may be difficult. I reset it twice, updated with most recent software version but it's still acting. Tonight I had to transfer the FIT file fromthe Edge to my computer,then process it in a FIT Tools software to correct timing errors and upload my ride on Garmin Connect. Until I read news from Garmin or in Forum about the issues been fixed 1) I will use the 520 2) try to return the 820 to Garmin 3) never buy a new product from Garmin until it's fully tested and approved by hundred of users.