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  • Claudia L. Miller - Nice glass at a good price for a 2 pack!

    Techstone sent me this tempered glass protector to test and review on my phone. I am testing is on my IP7. First thing I do is a bend test to see how brittle it is. I bend them to see if I can get a smiley face shape in them. Usually the cheaper ones snap right away. I know it isn't scientific but it seems to work and it let's me know if it gets hit it can take a little abuse. I didn't have any issue with it as it looked like the smiling happy face. So I installed this onto the phone i use to test as well. I drop some change on it. I dropped a few small nuts and bolts on it and nothing cracked the glass. I also scraped it with a butter knife to see if i could scratch it and it didn't show any problems. Overall a good piece of glass i would say. edges are nice and beveled. Installation was simple. I had no bubbles or lint trapped under the glass. For what you pay, which is less than $6.00 for a pack of 2 it is a good price.

  • J. A. Cason - So Far, So Good. In Use for a Year

    We keep Fresh Cab pouches in our RV compartments when it's off the road, then we move those packages (if they're still "fresh") to the engines of our cars when we take the RV out for 4-5 weeks at a time. We replace the pouches as we think about it; we aren't totally strict on the 3 months, by the way, although we strive for that. We used to have mice in our car engine compartments a while back; haven't seen hide nor hair (nor droppings) in a long time. RV sits outside in a wooded area known for rodents of all types; so far--after a year--no problems. We like the pleasant smell, too. So far, so good!

  • prosenbaum - Borrowed from the library but I need to own this book for keeps

    I am reading ''The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing'' and want to say bravo. As a 401k investor who has made only a few stock buys on my own over the years, I have never felt so inspired, empowered and educated by any book of its kind. I am reading it very slowly to let its lessons sink in and become part of my ingrained knowledge.

  • John - Great piece of kit

    Great piece of kit. Had to make a small bracket to sit it on in our Fiat based Motor Home. Can see speed clearly in most conditions. Would recommend. Overspeed is for the MAX speed you would ever want to do.

  • N. Wolfanger - You Will be in Love With These Shoes

    Runs large. I normally wear a 9.5-10, so I ordered 9.5 and they're still 1.5" too long, so I'm think an 8.5 would've fit perfectly. However, in spite of the length, these are still the most comfortable shoes I've ever put on my feet! My job entails working on my feet for 12-13 hrs a day. With these shoes I have absolutely no pain at the end of a shift, plus they feel like I'm walking on a cloud! I recommend these over any other shoes, including the $140 nursing shoes I was previously using.

  • Timothy Nance - Battery recharging is horrible. Extremely primitive charging circuitry means you have to ...

    Battery recharging is horrible. Extremely primitive charging circuitry means you have to be home the entire time it's charging and as soon as the level is topped off immediately disconnect the power cord. Likewise, running with external power can overcharge and ruin the battery. If you run off the battery to avoid overcharging it is very easy to overdraw the battery and it won't charge again. I had to buy an external charger and only insert a battery if I am going to use it in mobility. The battery compartment is held secure by approximately 8 screws that are a pain to replace each time. It sounds awesome though and I would give at least 4 stars if the battery charging components were higher quality. I actually highly recommend this but with the additional purchase of a good multi stage 12v charger which adds to the total cost.

  • DSurge - Great JOB!!! Once again!!

    This is once again a very well made STEP 1 prep review! I have not gone through it completely but so far from what I can see, they have gone into a little more detail than previous versions. Look forward to examining it more thoroughly. Definitely worth the money.