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  • Amazon Customer - Fantastic monitor. Hooked it up to new mini desktop ...

    Fantastic monitor. Hooked it up to new mini desktop and it is great. As it originally came, it was too bright with default settings. Used buttons underneath screen to customize it to my preference. It came with software to do the same thing, but the buttons were all that was really needed. Color and clarity is fantastic.

  • Booksquire - I'm Embarrassed

    Not enough Biotin to do anything for one's hair and I feel embarrassed to have purchased it for my skin. In theory drinking liquid collagen would be a nice miracle. In practice - well just save your money! Shame on all of us who buy into this nonsense. Youth in a grape syrup liquid. smh. They dont even have to try to come up with something plausible anymore. I'd fall for anything. :(

  • Happy shopper - I hated flossing... until now.

    I have a confession. I hate flossing. I have tried every brand, and every flossing contraption, and they have all confirmed how much I hate flossing. It wasn't until I got a badly done crown that I found myself forced into flossing. Then a friend recommended this to me. You might think, as I did: $7 for floss? Really? Let me tell you that not only is it a nice change of aroma from boring old mint, but this magical floss got gunk out of my teeth that I didn't even know was there. With all the other flosses I have tried, I never knew until this came along that I had a whole meal still stuck between my teeth. Now I even find myself of a high horse when other people confess to not flossing. I find myself looking down at them: Gross, you don't floss? You just leave all that gunk in there?

  • B. Williams - Amazing product but 1 hour plus hold times. Will be great if that can be considerably reduced

    Amazing technology, works great and when you get someone, they are usually polite and knowledgeable. Here is the only reason for the 3 stars. I think management has told support what to say regarding hold times because they all say the same thing and that is that they are hiring and it has been a busy holiday season. They actually use the extremely long hold times as a plus to how many people are buying their product. BUT.... many others are saying or thinking the same thing that I am and that is as much as I like this product, it is only as good as it's support personnel which are good, but how many people are going to put up with an hour plus hold time every time you want to order something or ask a question. Nobody minds waiting a few minutes like most all other companies, but your hold time gets the trophy. I now know the limitations on my cordless home phone's battery time. I know that if I do not see a huge improvement in the next month, I may be taking them up on their very generous offer of the 60 day return privilege. ATTENTION MANAGEMENT !!!! THIS IS A REAL SHAME, WHEN YOU HAVE A GREAT PRODUCT AND GREAT PEOPLE BUT CANNOT SHOW THE COUNTRY THAT YOU ARE A COMPLETE WELL ROUNDED COMPETING COMPANY, BECAUSE YOU FAIL TO HAVE OR LOOK AHEAD REGARDING SUPPORT STAFF NUMBERS. YOU HAVE COME UP WITH A GREAT IDEA AND A GREAT PRODUCT, BUT IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH SUPPORT AND SALES PERSONNEL,IT IS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME WHERE YOU WILL BE READING EVEN MORE REVIEWS LIKE THIS ONE. It is a shame.

  • Tab McBlane - Awesome knife

    Very cool and useful knife! I bought the pilot and the co pilot. I carry the co pilot on my life vest and the pilot on me. Only downside is the sheath latch won't fit on a wide belt. Fits great on a life vest but a challenge to get it on. Certainly won't fall off!