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  • Cassie Lynn - I really like how this headset is small and fits inside the ...

    I really like how this headset is small and fits inside the ear. Better than big bulky ones I have tried. It is much more discreet as well. The sound quality is just average for me. There isn't anything spectacular about it that makes me super impressed. I am hard of hearing in my right ear, so I was hoping that with this design I might be able to wear it in my right ear and give my left ear a break. Even with it being so small and close to my ear it still isn't anything extra loud enough to use in my right ear. Overall, it's a good product though. It would be great for anyone that doesn't have minor hearing loss like myself.

  • Valerie Antonio - I love this Unicorn Floaty

    This Flossy Floats Giant Inflatable Unicorn Emoji is beyond amazing. It really has make my pool parties be way more fun and cool. This isn't your average floaty. This floaty is enormous and beautiful. All my family and friends couldn't wait to get on it. Its made nicely. The plastic seems pretty thick and heavy duty. I blew it up with a power inflator. Took about 15 minutes give or take. I could not imagine having to blow this is by mouth. I was given this Flossy Floats Giant Inflatable Unicorn Emoji at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • kevin j scannell - not an amplififier an echo machine

    Wife purchased for me to aid in hearing sounds more clearly.I used it several times one problem it amplifies background noises as well as voices. Sounds like you are in coffee can. Wish I knew she was ordering it first.

  • Michael G. - Perfect!

    Not only does this cable help me to watch Blu-Ray discs on my monitor, but it actually lets me go INSIDE the monitor! Now I can creep out all my friends! Thanks AudioQuest!

  • Jennifer Clayburg - Loved it! Very entertaining and informative

    Loved it! Very entertaining and informative, the crew are all very likable, and even the skeptics went into it with an open mind. This is hands-down the best paranormal documentary I've watched, and believe me, I've seen them all. Did they find proof of ghosts? Watch it and decide for yourself!

  • Amazon Customer - Great tools

    These tools are very well made and easy to use. Extremely solid and sharp. I am very happy with it and highly recommend this product. I did purchase this item at a discount in exchange for a honest review.

  • Robert Johnson - In only one shampoo, it corrected my very golden ...

    In only one shampoo, it corrected my very golden, blonde hair, and made it more suited to my age. So far, once a week does the trick.