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  • Jennifer L. Blackmer - Haan floor Steam cleaner

    Love this steam cleaner. I previously had the lysol steamer which is good for spot mopping but not very durable or for serious cleaning. I also have used several models of the shark steamer which is better than the lysol steamer but the Haan floor steamer is by far the best. It has a number of attachments so it is more versatile than other floor steamers and can be used on more than just floors. It also has a much hotter steam output and disinfects things with less time. It takes only 1 second to sanitize with a haan while the shark takes about 60 seconds. If your willing to invest a little more money on your steamer and get a much better quality product that can be used as a hand held with attachments or a floor steamer than this is definitely the best choice compared to any current steamer on the market today. I'm seriously sold. I also use this on the job as a professional housekeeper and organizer and it is GREAT!

  • Amazon Customer - I just wanted to add my input. Good but expensive.

    I have always taken a lot of vitamins. I like to take vitamins where I feel results. I stumbled across Beyond Tangy Tangerine looking for vitamins. I am not a distributer nor do I care if anyone buys it or not. I just wanted to write an honest review because that is what I like to read. It seemed like it took a long time to get to me after I ordered it on Amazon. It took 10 or 11 days so it just seemed like a long time. I don't usually get sick but I did a few days before it arrived. I was considering going to the doctor. I had a headache along with the sickness and the second day of it my Beyond Tangy arrived. I was bummed because I thought this may ruin my test. In five minutes or less after my first dose my headache disappeared. That surprised me. I had decided to take the recommended dose because so many people on the reviews were taking less because of the cost. I used 5 level scoops. On the third day of using it I did not feel sick at all. Maybe this was a coincidence but that usually does not happen. My energy level was a little better but not much. I did like it. The first batch did not mix well nor taste especially great. I used a small blender after that and this morning I added a banana, half an orange and a scoop of a berry diet mix from another company. It tasted a lot better. I am 60 years old and weigh 285 lbs. I may try some of their other products. I am looking for a company who is really interested in helping me live longer with a product that really works. It turned my urine a little yellow and I like it that way. I get concerned when it is clear. I would rather have too many water soluble vitamins than not enough.

  • Benjamin J. Stevens - It is what it is

    It is exhaustive, extensive, excellent, and probably a bunch of other e-words. It gives prospective students the low-down and has more information than you will easily find on most schools' websites. On the otherhands, some of the schools are missing info in this packet, which is frustrating. This is a must-have when trying to pick which schools to apply to.

  • TReNo - GOAT

    These are the illest pair of glasses I ever had, I have been rocking Versace sunglasses for a minute, theses right hear are the best I had and seen. Everywhere I go people compliment me on them. They look great feel great and fit me perfectly!

  • Southernfae - I wish companies would do a better job of making piks that stay on

    I wish companies would do a better job of making piks that stay on. It fit on my dryer but would come off as soon as I tried to use it in my hair. The pik seems like it had grips inside, but they did not work. I rigged it with a headband (fire hazard I know, don't judge me) and got it to work. I liked it other than the fact it would not stay on my dryer without me rigging it on. None of the teeth broke with my first use, I will suggest that if you have super thick coily hair (like mine) you dry small sections at a time and make sure it is adequately detangled before drying.

  • Rachelle - I love Microsoft Publisher

    I love Microsoft Publisher. I like using it to make our annual Christmas letter, with the letter on one side of the 8.5x11 sheet of paper, and pictures on the other side. It is also great for making brochures, or flyers, or programs, etc. Most anything a print shop can do, Publisher can do.

  • Jen P. - Smells horrible. But does work somewhat.

    I just did my first application last night. My hair was damaged, stringy, and gummy when wet due to over-bleaching it.