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  • M. Hill - Actually love this product and got great results

    Actually love this product and got great results. However, it contains shark fin. Shark finning is a cruel and often illegal practice and it's banned many places. Google it. I won't buy this anymore and please write to the manufacturer and tell them to stop using shark fin as an ingredient.

  • D. Beach - Much better than expected for the price

    Having read the previous reviews I was expecting this Hoover to be adequate on hard floors, ineffective on carpets and to run long enough to vac three or four rooms. I was also hoping that it wouldn't have a hard time dealing with the prolific shedding of my yellow lab.

  • linda fredericks - Great Program!

    This program really changed my life in a good way. I tried it just to cleanse the internal organs and replenish my body, but to my surprise I also learned that I had some food allergies never known to me before. I also learned alot about how heavily salted just about everything is that we eat. I also lost 8 pounds as a bonus! I would recommend this program to anyone...thin or heavy, old or young. It is a great way to get back to eating basic, wholesome foods and feeling great.

  • N. Heath - Not a true shotgun and takes longer to drink than anticipated.

    I was not very impressed by this coozie as it was harder to drink than a typical "shotgun" and also took longer to finish your drink. The concept is quite simple where you pop the tab of your beer when its in the flowzie, then when it is tilted back, you press in the button which punctures a hole in the bottom of your can, allowing air to flow through the can so you can drink faster.