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  • B A McDonald - Good product Symantec

    I've used NIS for several years past. I decided to switch to this in my effort to to handle the tablets and other mobile devices my family uses. I was worried this would hog the resources, but it has kept my computer and devices cleaned, tuned, and virus/malware free. Good product Symantec.

  • Amazon Customer - Would Tipp-Ex help?

    I gave this pen to my fiancé by mistake and now he takes forever in the bathroom, does the dishes, asks ME before he buys anything, and last night I had to switch the TV on for him. Thanks A BUNCH, Bic!

  • Patti S - I wear it and my husband loves it!

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  • Lisas2urn - Great oven horrible customer service

    Be very careful when placing your order for a Nuwave! They believe it is the customers responsibility to pay for return of the product regardless of the circumstances. I have bought several nu-wave product items and spent a lot of money. Customer service agent "Kordia" has refused to help pretty much blaming me for there error. I am surprised that with the superior customer service that Amazon provides that they would deal with this company.

  • M. Morrison - A Toot for Webroot

    Webroot works well. It scans my whole box in about 5 minutes. It has a small footprint and does not slow down my machine boot. It cleans malware and issues warnings without being invasive or confusing. Good

  • J. Begg Jr. - Not a bad reference manual, could be a little better though

    Pretty good book. I find the layout to be a little confusing especially when trying to do something and looking for the info. I usually find what I want in it, however, it's not usually in the place I think it should be.