MPL GROUP - MPL Group's GetWellness Center| GetWellness Center offers a one stop shop approach to complete health, wellness and lifestyle change. Our company utilizes a proven program called Organizational Wellness Solutions (OWS), which builds relationships

  • contact the coaches - MPL GROUP -     7601 Sunrise Boulevard, Suite #8 Citrus Heights, Ca 95610 (916) 721-6566
  • coach mike - MPL GROUP - Mike Potter, MBA - President, Business Development, Organizational Leadership, Transformational & Motivational Coach | As an exercise and wellness enthusiast, Mike had a vision in the early 1980's to introduce health into the corporate environment
  • deidre nutri-d - MPL GROUP - Deidre Nutri-D, CN, CHT, Founder of GetWellness, Inventor / VP Business Development, Nutritional / Gl Therapist, Health And Wellness Coach | Deidre Moore Belfiore, aka: “Nutri-D” founder of GetWellness, strives to inspire and motivate people
  • Tony Potter - MPL GROUP - Anthony Potter, RN - Healthcare Coach Consultant | Anthony has been active in healthcare since 1993. He holds license's in California, Florida, New York and Washington. Anthony has worked in full capacity ICU, PACU and
  • coach ruben - MPL GROUP - Coach Ruben Guzman, MPH Author of Evolving Health and an Organizational Business, Healthy Lifestyle, Leadership, Communication and Health Coach, Vistage Speaker | A champion for promoting health and eliminating chronic disease, Coach Ruben has 30
  • Coach Hina - MPL GROUP - Hina Barron - Licensed Esthetician | In 2006, my dream of finding a career, I could be passionate about became a reality when I became a Licensed Esthetician, in the state of California. Having my own
  • cassandra young - MPL GROUP - Cassandra Young, L.Ac., MTCM, RM, Licensed Acupuncture, Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reiki Master | A healer at heart! Cassandra is devoted to seeing every one of her patients maximize their optimal wellness
  • coach debbie - MPL GROUP - Debbie McMurdie| I live with my wonderful husband of 20 years and my four well spoiled Great Danes, in the foothills just below Placerville. I have a passion for helping others learn to support
  • Emily Singleton - MPL GROUP - Emily Singleton, BCCT| As a Board Certified Thermography Technician, Emily is committed to providing women with a valuable adjunct tool for monitoring breast health. Breast thermography is completely safe, with no radiation or compression
  • pensf physical - MPL GROUP - Physical | Human beings were born to move and be active. It is not advantageous for us to be stagnant or sedentary. Practicing regular cardiovascular exercise per day is paramount to a healthy lifestyle. Strengthening
  • Ozone Therapy - MPL GROUP - Ozone Sauna Therapy Ozone (activated oxygen - O3) | Ozone Sauna Therapy is a method in which ozone is introduced into the body via the skin while sitting in a humid therapeutic cabinet or pod. While
  • colon hydrotherapy - MPL GROUP - Colon Hydrotherapy:  What Is It? | Colon Hydrotherapy is the rinsing of the colon with filtered, warm water.  This therapy is performed to cleanse the bowel (Colon) and gently rinse away impacted fecal matter, mucous
  • services - MPL GROUP - SpectraCell Micronutrient | Understanding how your body is absorbing nutrients and what nutrients you are deficient in, determines a healthy or jeopardized immune system. Each person’s make-up is different, though similar nutrient levels
  • The Real Truth About Cancer - MPL GROUP - The Real Truth About Cancer I'll keep this post brief and to the point. After attending 'The Truth About Cancer' in Grapevine, TX the symposium solidified my belief in western medicine (sick care
  • How & Why do people die cancer? - MPL GROUP - It's the saddest day when you get blindsided by the fact that we really have no control over when we die. I see people coming in the office struggling with just basic cellular
  • Death of a client / patient - MPL GROUP - To be completely blunt and honest, it truly sucks! You know in your mind they have almost no chance at stage 4 pancreatic cancer with a tumor blocking their entire bile duct, however, when
  • Why is Oxygen Not a Prescribed Method to Kill Cancer? Money - MPL GROUP - Why is Oxygen Not a Prescribed Method to Kill Cancer? Money! In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for work proving cancer is caused by a lack of oxygen in your cells
  • Fatigued and Frustrated - MPL GROUP - Lately many clients have commented that they are feeling fatigued. When I ask them to expand on their overall all feeling they state that they are tired or have a lack of energy. Other

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  • Amber - I am really disappointed by this product

    I am really disappointed by this product. It worked well, when it worked. I've only used it about 6 or 7 times since my purchase and it is already broken. Unless the company cannot help me fix it, my review here will stay the same. When I plug it in and push the power button, the code on the side says "err," when I push the power button again, it says "loc" for a moment. I can only turn it off by unplugging it. It has not gone back to working despite several attempts to reset it by unplugging, plugging back in, and turning it on.

  • Minola - Wonderful car seat

    This truly is the mother of all carseats. I have two kiddo's ages 2 1/2 and 7 months, and was in the market for a new carseat for my youngest. After some extensive consumer research we decided to go with the Foonf, with the hopes that we could get our older daughter in the Foonf and back into a rear facing position as she was currently in a Britax Marathon front facing(for obvious safety reasons, something I was not comfortable with.) I wasn't expecting to be able to successfully transition her from front facing to rear facing, but we figured if nothing else she could remain in her current Britax carseat, and we could give the new Foonf to our 7 month old.