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  • janet l riebe - Whiter teeth

    This is the first product that I have tried that does not aggravate my sensitive teeth. I noticed whitening after the first use. My husband started to use this, too, so just purchased the larger size. I use once daily, in the evening. I do not drink coffee, but my husband does and he he happy with the results. Definitely recommend.

  • etreumlegna - Excellent game !!!!

    I love the graphics and all the stars showing in the game, I recomended. My son and my nephews reaaly enjoyed it.

  • flowerpower - Until yesterday

    I have been using Norton for years & years. Until yesterday, I really liked it. I caught some kind of computer virus this past weekend, & Norton was not on the ball about it. I spend 4 1/2 hrs yesterday morn trying to get comp back to working. I was able to, but I was not happy with Norton. It is really true that anti-virus software is essential. Can you comp geeks make something better?? I'll still use Norton bc I need something, & it's my choice compared to other products on the market.

  • Mike - Works very well and simplifies the whole process. Just ...

    Works very well and simplifies the whole process. Just remember you dont have to use a lot of pressure - using too much pressure just causes razor burns. Took me a couple times to get just the right pressure to cut the hair and not the skin.

  • C. S. Murphy - ... in security system monitoring with all wireless sensors and easy do it yourself installation

    With SinpliSafe’s $15 per month cellular call in security system monitoring with all wireless sensors and easy do it yourself installation, nobody can afford not to have a monitored security system anymore.

  • Sherry - Save your money

    I bought Lipozene and started taking it as directed. It made me so bloated (and gas) I thought maybe it was because I just started using them. I drank the recommended amount of water. After searching the ingredients, I find they are high in fiber which didn't agree with me. It didn't reduce my weight, body fat or make me feel full. I already eat healthy and exercise but wanted a boost and to lose a few unwanted pounds I didn't have the incentive to do without a little help. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who has issues with fiber. I believe the claims are false and with any diet pill, there has to be the desire to eat right and exercise. I haven't found a pill yet that will do this for me. If it works for you it's because you are ready to make that change to look better. It's just a fiber pill.