Bacterial infection flagyl - if the antibiotic treatment exceeds 3 weeks, the bacterial flora develops resistance and additional precaution becomes unnecessary.

  • bacterial infection flagyl - it is characteristic to see many wbcs (also seen in atrophic vaginitis and sexually transmitted diseases, but not in candida or bacterial vaginosis).

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  • Megan - awesome product

    I was hesitant to invest in this but was trying to do a good deed for my friend who sells it. I could immediately tell a difference in skin tone, any fine crevasses were minimized, and my face had a healthy glow to it. I waited two weeks and decided to buy a decision. Sunday facials : )

  • Lisa Evans - Disappointed

    This new version has let me down. I was anticipating its release with great excitement as my family has enjoyed 3 and 4. The song selection is poor with more sings with lewd lyrics. The coriography is less danceable and seems too simple and not as fitting to the music. The costumes are more revealing as well. Overall I can say after trying to get into it by playing it a half dozen times that it will be sitting on the shelf collecting dust.

  • TReNo - GOAT

    These are the illest pair of glasses I ever had, I have been rocking Versace sunglasses for a minute, theses right hear are the best I had and seen. Everywhere I go people compliment me on them. They look great feel great and fit me perfectly!

  • Kerry - Great item for price

    Great thermometer for use with babies, and less expensive than many competing no-touch thermometers. Reading can be a little finicky, however, if not close enough to baby's skin or if baby is moving too much.

  • Linda Lou - Works very well and works best at night before bedtime

    Works well. Just have to take some time in getting used to the gel action. Sometimes if it doesn't go into the eyeball directly, you might get some on your skin and see the gel in action! Not harmful but you need a steady hand when aiming for the eyeballs.

  • Robert Morse - Fatal Flaw - Band design means tracker falls out and get's lost

    Don't waste your money on this product. The band is designed so that if something catches it, it flips over and the tracker falls out. Even if you're extremely careful, sooner or later you'll be in a rush somewhere, this will happen and you won't realize it until too late. It can be caused by anything - catching on clothes, the strap of a bag, etc. You'll be lucky if you own this for 6 months before you lose it. This happened even though I was wearing the device securely and according to the instructions provided by Moov. Look online and you'll see that it happens very frequently.