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  • Liz Cooper - Easy setup and stellar performance

    This monitor is crisp and clear. Setup was super easy and packaging was not a battle to open and remove from. It's great that there is both HDMI and VGA to choose from on the back as far as inputs, options are always good. Comes with power cable and VGA cable. I ended up using with DVI cables with HDMI adapter since the video card this was being used with has DVI outputs. Everything was exactly as hoped. Will update if anything changes.

  • Mary Adams - works better than an exterminator

    We were living in Virginia in an apartment. We were getting roaches from another apartment and tried everything. An exterminator came and made no difference. We set out traps and were catching 5 or six roaches a night. Finally my mother-in-law from Texas told me that they use a spray called Bengal and that it works miricles. I had to order it online because they only sell it in the south (it's made in Louisiana). I ordered 2 cans. We sprayed the heck out of our whole kitchen. The roaches stopped coming in from under our sink. A few weeks later we sprayed again to take care of any eggs that may have hatched. This stuff has completely stopped the problem. We spray now every couple of months and I will forever swear by this stuff. Roaches are a hard problem to get rid of but this stuff does the job! I would give it more than five stars if i could.

  • david - Shockingly and seriously bad. So bad it's bad. Rotten Tomatoes taste nice after this

    Emmerich is no Bruckheimer. Bruckheimer realises that you have to at least some semblance of acting talent on the screen to bestow even a fig leaf of respectability to what is basically second rate material. Will Smith is Bruckheimer's Charlton Heston, poor as that may be, Emmerich plumps for John Cusack which is a disaster in itself...As an ex teacher I can spot a plodder (or two) from a mile away.