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  • Jamie Sturm - This product worked awesome for me

    This product worked awesome for me, 2008 Jeep. I couldn't find anything else wrong and was going to replace the Cataletic converters (2 of them on this Jeep) and the lowest price I could find was $1900.00. This was a last ditch try and it has worked great so far.

  • J. Thomas - Boycott this Expensive Paper Doll Decorating and Exchange

    The DRM is not really a problem on this game since you won't be installing it more than one time. Of course, EA didn't know that, and their DRM is invasive and unacceptable. You should pass up this clunker for that reason alone.

  • Bmore - Simply the Best for Curly Girls--and Others

    I am a committed Deva Curl Girl. There is NOTHING better for keeping your curls than this "shampoo." The soap in other shampoos strips the moisture--and therefore the curl--right out of your hair. I would think it's the same for straight hair, too, especially those of us who dye our hair.

  • Gillgang - Still a great product!

    This is my second set of T-Fal cookware. The first lasted a long time (15 - 20 years?). I enjoyed cooking with them so much that I bought this new set, hoping that they would at least cook as well. Upgrades like clear lids make using them even more enjoyable!

  • Fred L. Lindsey - Update

    I read in a past review that someone was upset because all the nuts, bolts, and screws were loose in a bag. I was very happy to see that now all the various hardware is on a white piece of cardboard, separated, and labeled. They match what the manual calls for, and there is no way that you should have any problem using the correct component. It took me about 4 hours to unpack, assemble and test. So far, I love it.

  • Erika Wong - I love this product and will always be a part of ...

    I love this product and will always be a part of my skin care regiment. I use it every other day and am always amazed by how my skin feels after I use it. Perfect for when I get a little to much sun and my face starts peeling.