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  • D. Harrell - Frustrating experience

    I have contacted WaterPik for a replacement handle three times, and each time the new handle breaks within two weeks. Water leaks (pours!) out of the connecting point between handle and tip, and also at the release button --so much that you lose all pressure. I've spent 12 weeks trying to get a fully functional model, and have given up. I am now returning the whole unit to Amazon, but have had to deal with their "30 day return policy" problems to boot. I should have just returned the unit when the first handle gave out. Meanwhile, I picked up a HydroFloss from my dentist today, and it beats the socks off of the WaterPik. A bit noisier, but better built, better jet action, and larger tank capacity.

  • Solga - Not a very Happy Camper

    I had a crash on the program with a down load from my bank. The program only locked up on the one account that I was down loading at the time. It would not re set. Spent an hour on line typing to tech support with no luck. (they instructed me as if I was a computer wiz, which I am not) There was no one to call because it was a weekend. I spent another hour trouble shooting and good think I had a clean back up. Re installed the program and backed up with my clean copy and I am so far back in business, I will have to wait until the next down load from my bank to see if I am out of the woods. The error was sent to Intuit and I hope they fix it. This is the only problem I have had with Quicken in many years. The program is not cheep and you would think that it should work and convert to operate with banks properly. WAIT AND SEE!

  • Violet - Card Maker

    I am very delighted with this purchase! I have saved money in buying it, and have used it from day one! It lives up to what I expected from Hallmark. The cards look just like the ones I would purchase at the stores. I am a well pleased customer!! Bravo!!!!!!!

  • Curtis L Azama - For the Beginner

    The item was perfect. These clubs are very lightweight and stylish. I would definitely purchase these far any beginner. The price was excellent.