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  • Lisa M. Trafton - Excellent quality and look great!

    These mats are a floor saver! I am so happy I found these and put them in my Jeep Renegade when I did. They fit like a glove and look great too. Easy to take out and hose off and put back in. Like new! Keeps all dirt and dampness off of the floor for perfect protection. Very happy!

  • Christina Nguyen - Go straight to their website to sign up. Equipment not needed. But, if you do buy..

    Go straight to the website to sign up. NO need to purchase the equipment. It's being phased out. However, if you do, and I don't know if this will work for you as it did for me, $10 pays for 3 years, that according to what my account says. We'll see if this is true in a year. I'll update this post. I believe if you go into their website, it is $10 for 2 years. I watch mostly CNN and Fox and they are both very hard to find. So, Rabbit makes it very easy and I DO use it everyday, so it has worked for me. I am tech savvy, but I don't have the time to organize the shows like they have here. So, for $10 for 3 years (or 2 years) whatever you get, it's definitely worth it, but it WILL depend on your needs. I can see how this could be good for some and not for others.

  • Christine Abee - Four great stories

    This book gives you four great stories that you will absolutely love to read . This is one of my favorite writer's .

  • Lisa E - A definite yes!

    Very happy with the timely delivery, the price, the ease of putting it on & the look. Lost my original hubcap on vacation & didn't want to pay a ridiculous price to replace it since my van is a 2008.

  • msculati - Much better suited for the young adult crowd

    This is an excellent book for a teenager. If, however, you are a serious Historical Fiction reader of such authors as Bernard Cornwell, Simon Scarrow, Conn Igguldenn, SJA Turney, RW Peake, David Pilling, James Mace et all--this book will be a major disappointment. Sophomoric, wooden characters with zero character development--just not good for an adult reader

  • Nicole Belmar - I've been using the regimen for about four weeks and ...

    I've been using the regimen for about four weeks and this is the clearest my skin as been. The process took some time getting used to in my morning routine because you have to wait for the products to be fully absorbed. Everything progressed as described including the breakout in week two. However my skin is clear with a only few pimples. Hoping to be completely and consistently clear in a few weeks.