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  • Jmdylrc - last wwe for ps2

    It is great game even though the commentary is kinda off the say you grabbed a ladder when you grab a chair but it's great in other ways graphics are so good road to wrestlemania is improved over the ones before overall good game

  • Donald Riley - My wife likes using my razors because she feels men razors are sharper but she doesn't like how it doesn't handle sensitive skin

    I have been through a razor or two in my day. I had brought a pack of f-blade razors from a well-known company at a well known superstore. My wife likes using my razors because she feels men razors are sharper but she doesn't like how it doesn't handle sensitive skin. That all change with these razors. They have an excellent moisturizer strip which makes the blades glide across areas without the ouch factor. They are so smooth, we both didn't realize the have SIX, yes SIX blades. We donated our other razors we purchased from that superstore and now use these razors exclusively. Try it. There was also an issue with delivery of my first set which was lost. One email to the company and without any questions they took care of us. Great product--great service. Do yourself and your family a favor. Get a set. You'll be glad you did.

  • Michael Powell - Good for your health and promotes weight loss

    A healthy liver is essential to health. If it is clogged up this filter organ causes tons of problems. Using this detox helped make me feel better and lose weight. The fat that hangs around in the liver is bad news. Using this product along with lipo b12 shots jumpstarted my weight loss getting me over a plateau

  • pete d hunsader - Happy with flaps

    These are five stars flaps with one exception. I could not use one of the holes (drill holes could have been better). I have had them on the truck for awhile with no problems. They are a little shorter then the originals but I think that is a good thing. They no longer hit the speed bumps as you go over them. Happy with the flaps.

  • Miro - Anti-caida = anti-fall = strengthening

    To all of you smart people who are leaving it a bad review because you received the 'strengthening' shampoo instead of 'anti-caida' - you pretty much received the translated version of 'anti-loss'. This definitely stops hair from falling, but be ready to lose the shine. Still worth it! I use As I Am cowash in place of shampoo every other time so as not to get that dry effect. Contains herbs AND sulfate which you should know our scalps are very much used to by now, so it is not as bad as they say. It's there for a reason - to clean. I believe that is why it's best for those who are losing their fine, oily hair.


    I love his work. All his albums deserve five stars but Forest Hills Drive is the best. The album has substance and is relatable on many different levels. I can listen to the WHOLE album over and over again.