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  • H. Patterson - Best glue ever! Forget the gorilla or e6000 this rocks!

    I love this glue and use it for all sorts of different applications. Leather, glass, metal, fabric, wood! It sticks and the best way you can use it is to let it sit for a couple of minutes before pressing together then it needs to cure over night or a few hours and it is amazingly stuck! Clear and easy to clean up. I love this adhesive!

  • Teri L Perez - Very Reliable power washer

    This is a great power washer. Our dogs are forever getting the decks dirty, and the mud gets ground into the Trex wood graining. This power washer is easy to use, and has worked extremely well on all the surfaces that need washing, including the driveway.

  • Melanie Milburn - Very Sexy Treats

    This was a great collection of Halloween stories in true Alexa Riley style. The last short, Halloween Treats, was especially sweet and hot--Raven and Jack's story was my favorite!

  • tjrsasea - Improvements over the 6S!!

    The iPhone 7 offers some incremental upgrades over the 6S. Here are some of the things improved upon and the things to take note.

  • DOROTHY R SANGALLO - Awesome product for tattoo healing!!!

    Best product for healing up your tattoo. Using just a little bit, two times per day heals a tattoo perfectly. I pay $20 for a bottle this size at my tattoo studio. Also, my dog scratched me in the face, and I used After Inked on the scratch and I feel like the scratch healed faster. I love this product because it's like putting regular lotion on. It's not greasy at all, and my hands dry quickly after application. I would HIGHLY recommend this product for people with new tattoos because it doesn't mess up your clothing at all, it's comfortable, and it works!

  • Ernest E. Sittig - Won't Install on Windows 7 (64 bit)

    When it gets to "rolling back microsoft.net_v3.5_sp1" (feature: DX Launcher Files) the installation quits. Roxio support suggestions did not work. The error message was "Roxio Creator 2012 Pro set up was interrupted. Your system has not been modified. To install this program at a lter time, please run the installation again."

  • casey roberts - Does not backup Mozilla Firefox files and other files by default

    I am not a newby - before retiring a decade ago, I was the primary software consultant as well as a network specialist at a major research university. I have used a number of different backup and restore programs on Unix, Apple, and Windows servers. It is possible that I was a little rusty, but I managed to wipe out my Windows 8.1 system while attempting to clone the system to a newly purchased solid state "disk" drive. I attempted three times to clone the drive (there were only 93Mb on the C; disk to be cloned and 488Mb of space on the SSD) and each time when the clone process said that it needed to restart, the computer shut down but did not start back up after as much as 4 hours; and there was no disk activity showing on the disk activity light. Each of these three times, however, I was able to manually restart the computer - which canceled out the cloning process. Each time the C; drive was left intact and I was able to resume computing. On the fourth try, not only did the restart fail, I was unable to bring the computer up at all. I decided to use the Windows emergency disk to "refresh" the system and get it operational. Unfortunately, I had just had an asthma attack and I was feeling rather punchy and did not stop to realize that Microsoft had decided to ignore some 70+ years of computer terminology and decide that what had been known as "programs" was now termed "apps". They did warn that "apps" would be wiped out but could be repurchased from the AppStore. However, since I had not ever purchased any apps, only programs like Adobe Photoshop, I proceeded - much to my regret.