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  • Amazon Customer - GREAT SHOW

    Seriously LOVE this show! I can't get enough of it. It's funny, true, sad, and way over the top at times just the right amount to keep my attention forever!!!!!!!!!!!

  • T. Rhino - Not bad and good focus on Bible

    Dr. Hitchcock repeats a lot of previously known information that has been on the internet for some years and collects this material succinctly around the bigger question of whether it matches up with Bible prophecy. He hints that it may, but that in the end Mayan or other extrabiblical sources should not be put on a par with biblical authority. No argument with that, but another new book that came out this month that I thought was far more "fresh" in the sense that it actually presents a lot of new, if not outright disturbing information is the book "Apollyon Rising 2012" by Dr. Thomas Horn, which digs up many other cultures who also fixated on the year 2012 and how this is even incorporated into the design of the US Capitol Dome, the Great Seal of the United States, and the stories of the ancient Watchers, the Giants in a fantastic way. I recommend you read both of these books - the one by Dr. Hitchcock and the one by Tom Horn for the best combined material from Christian scholarship on the subject of 2012 and Bible Prophecy.