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  • Douglas E. Graves - Keepin' it simple and basic

    I had what turned out to be toe fungus on my left big toe. I had lost the nail three or four times over a period of a few years. Each new nail would eventually "blister" at the base then crack and spit and loosen to the point of falling off. I finally did some web research and found some "hi-end" fancy named fungus treatments, all quite expensive. What I noticed is that they kept touting that they had "tree tea oil" in them. So I mused, this seems to be the magic curing ingredient these fancy treatments were depending on. I wondered if this tree tea oil was available on it own. Seems to me that this "tree tea oil" is the stuff I really need. Sure enough, it was available, and for a fraction of the price of the fancy names that "included" it. I ordered bottle and treated my toe diligently EVERY morning with the oil, applying it with a Q-tip for about two months, and it is now completely cured with a strong clear normal new nail. And I only used about 1/6 of the bottle to boot! My thoughts are, just use this inexpensive oil, with the key being; treating it consistently on a daily basis until one's nail grows back in normally and healthy again. :)

  • Jorge - the best

    Best hair removal Ever, full recommended!! This is my second time using it. You wanna get smooth...this is for you.

  • Dan Dawson - Discs don't load up

    Right after the 1 year warranty expired discs wouldn't boot up after physically loading them in. I have to tilt the console at a 45 degree angle every time I put a disc in to get it to work. I shouldn't have to do this. Save your money and frustration and get a PS4. Microsoft may have made a buck off me in the short term but they lose a lot in the long term by cutting corners.

  • Mark of JC - Really sharpened my game

    The Ultimate Job Search Guide series is an exhaustive collection of carefully researched tips, tricks, advice, and real world job hunting tactics. Please buy the most current version of the book as job search trends will change from year to year. You deserve the best advice available.

  • LaurelP - It is a pretty good machine

    It is a pretty good machine, but I have had some minor problems with it. I sew nearly every day and wanted something better than the all plastic, cheep, beginner singer machine I had been using for years. I liked that the frame and the working parts of this machine are metal but after the type and ammount of use I've put it through it is having trouble keeping tension correctly and it skips stitches quite often even when I'm using the correct needle and settings. I just replaced the light bulb but it has been left on over night more often than I'd like to admit. I'm not certain it is worth taking it to a machine repair shop since it was not a very expensive machine to begin with, but it has served me well while I've had it.

  • Fu Hao - Positively new and helpful for my chronic condition

    I believe that this product is helping me. Need more time to know for sure. But so far I am pleased.

  • Brandon - Good for review

    Not the best book but good Kindle book for review of topics and advanced configurations. Do not suggest this book as a study guide due to the information is not complete.