Supporting Amputees - Limbs 4 Life - Amputee Support in Melbourne, Victoria and across Australia. Empowering amputees with information and support. To achieve our mission and vision, Limbs 4 Life is pursuing the following objectives. Information. Develop and distribute information resources to support individuals affected by amputation. Develop and distribute information resources to support amputee-related medical and allied health care professionals. Raise awareness of amputees and related issues within the community. Support. Deliver peer support to amputees through access to a network of trained Peer Support Volunteers. Provide on-going support to amputees through the provision of education, social or sporting programs. Advocacy. Foster positive links and partnerships with government agencies, medical and allied health professionals and community organisations to promote the welfare, concerns and needs of amputees

  • Carers, Children and Youth Program - Limbs 4 Life - Limbs 4 Life Amputee Carers, Children and Youth program is a three year pilot project supported by the nib foundation. The program is based on providing formal and social support to parents, carers and young people who have a limb difference.

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  • bookgirl - Changed our world

    I Love Lucy still brings me hours of delight and comfort. I remember so clearly the first time I saw the was a rerun of the Cuban Pete episode. I was about six years old in 1967. Lucy just made me so happy.

  • Shannon Lawson - Don't even bother with it

    If I could offer -5 stars I would. The product was offered as a tag-along with my very expensive computer purchase from Best Buy. The keycode on the back of the case would not work to install the software. The customer service chat agent was immediately rude and unpleasant. I will stick with the free versions, thanks for nothing Webroot.

  • Johhny Bravo - Absolutely, Positively works!!!

    As long as you abstain from "toxins" 2-3 days before your test and drink about 5 liters of water through two days before the test, you should pass. Follow the directions!!!! The taste is manageable. You will see that your urine is not completely clear, but a tad bit yellow.

  • Ladonna L. Gillespie - I love this product

    It works really well. I doesn't burn or break me out at all. Very soft. My last bottle lasted a few months. You don't need to use it everyday. Just about once a week. I really takes off that dead skin!

  • -LifeOfSomeKind - ok so far

    I haven't used this to treat any ailments yet, but it does smell ok, there is a strong cinnamon smell. I am skeptical because other reviewers say beware of buying oils from amazon. The lavender oil I bought off here seems legit. I am diffusing this for immune system boosting because it seems to flu is making its way back around.

  • Rebecca J. - I liked this keyboard

    I liked this keyboard, but some of the keys stopped responding properly (switch chattering - it would either not work at all, or give me duplicate characters) after only a few months of use and I haven't yet had the time or motivation to mess around with it to try and fix it. My much cheaper Logitech keyboard has had zero issues for more than a year now, so I just switched them out and I'm using the Logitech instead. Overall, I was disappointed in the quality of this product versus its cost.

  • 333watch3r - Update SW, buy extra batteries and then Endless fun awaits!!

    If you are reading this and is deciding to get one prior to a vacation, I can tell you get one and update the software, there will be no regrets if you prepare correctly. Here is a video proof I captured all on GoProHero 3 Black. FW version HD3.03.02.37. (As of this writing May 21, the latest FW is HD3.03.02.39). I did not have problems with version 2.37