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  • Allen Driskill - Another Useless Release

    I've been using QUicken since it was first released; it used to be a great product. A new release used to mean bug fixes and improvements. But with this release, once again, the people at Intuit have been forced by their marketing department to put out a new release that contains nothing new & usefull, but leaves nothing unchanged. None of the weird, quirky "broken" stuff from previous releases has been fixed, but the UI is now loaded down with more and more useless features than ever before.

  • Deborah Rogozinski - Pottery Studio

    I received this kit from Spin Master to product test with my three kids (ages 7, 7 and 8). They were excited to try it, but the experience fell a bit flat. The wheel didn't have much power to it. Also, the cones included in the kit were warped and didn't stay on very well. We did three of the four projects and no one had much interest in doing the fourth. It was good entertainment for a couple of hours, but I think it was a one shot thing for us, and we probably won't be buying refills.

  • Michele S. - Excellent!

    A must have book for witches and those interested in magic. Very helpful information in an easy to use date book format.

  • Mr. R - Great Distribution low weight

    Great Distribution low weight, room for all equipment + cooler for drinks. Will buy a second bag soon for my wife.

  • Jason Morris - Just buy it already!

    Love it! Can't put it down. Shipping was fast and everything. Again just buy one . Make sure you have right plug for the US outlets.

  • Brian Dewhirst - Very poor product

    I have had this charger for 3 months and have used it twice to charge 4 batteries. The charger now identifies all batteries as being "non-rechargable"; even those that are currently working in devices. DO NOT BUY this product.