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  • someoneelse - PDF importing capability is currently down for maintenance

    I downloaded the software, started it ,and it asked to import last year info in PDF so I pointed it to a PDF and hit enter....and then I get an error message, "Sorry, TaxACT's PDF importing capability is currently down for maintenance. You can refer to your PDF to fill in the fields below, or try again in a few minutes". Why did I download software only for it to rely on a server somewhere else JUST TO IMPORT A PDF??? I wonder why that can't happen locally on my computer...data mining perhaps???

  • teburns81 - Potential for 5 Stars in the Near Future. Awesome System!

    The PS4 looks cool, the controller is better, the Share function works great for sharing screen shots, video and live streaming to your Twitter and Facebook, etc. The games are amazing on my LG LED 42" 1080p 120hz TV. It's very important that you have a TV capable of handling this awesome system (such as the LG that I mentioned). The PS4 only works via HDMI, so throw your Component chords out the window and step into the New Generation! Additionally, LCD TV's just won't do IMO. You will not be able to see as much detail (that the developers have worked very hard on) in the games. The picture is much clearer with an LED TV or better.

  • JustACustomer - Fixed head gasket leak in 96 Lumina with 131K miles

    I had just replaced the upper intake manifold gaskets when the head gasket started leaking coolant once the engine warmed up. Quite a bit of coolant dripping from the car. Not wanting to tear the engine apart again I decided to try the leak stop. I was skeptical but the alternative was scrapping the car. The guy at the auto parts store said to follow the directions exactly, which I did, and it worked! There is no dripping at all. I haven't driven it very much but I am amazed at how well it seems to have worked.

  • Debra VanSandt - Worth Every Cent... And Then Some

    Great supplement that keeps my school-age granddaughters healthy, thus keeping me healthy, as well. Echinacea is a vital supplement for me, since I have a compromised immune system and easily catch viruses. I take my own and bought these for my granddaughters so that they, too, would keep from getting sick so often (and getting me sick, too). These have made life so much better for all of us - Mom and Dad, too, for that matter. Less lost school (and work), less misery, fewer doctor's office visits... what's not to love? How would you prefer to spend your money?

  • Tinker - No longer the best

    I've been using NOD32 for years and my 2013 license is up for renewal. I'm having trouble pulling the trigger to renew the product.

  • Barbara A. Rues - What a Deal!

    I've liked this product for years but lost track of the lady I got them from, then decided to try Amazon and yay, they're cheaper and no shipping! I make sure to take one with my vitamins after breakfast and it noticeably tames down my appetite the whole day. Believe me, I've tried endless products of this type and this is the only one, short of some speed-like drug, that actually has an effect. Only trouble for me is I can't take the second one prescribed for later in the day, because it has caffeine and I'd never sleep at night. Sometime I take it after lunch and then it works longer into the evening but doesn't keep me up at night.