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    City: 25 , Romania

  • Romantically Jaded - Wow!!

    Action, adventure, secrets, humor, heat. This book has a little of everything. Roi is meeting Missy again, after he had to kidnap her last time they met. Missy is petite but packs a punch and has a few surprises of her own. Two strong characters head to head. Loved the banter, and heat that almost jumped from the page. Amazing writing. Love the anniversary addition

  • Raemey - 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee review

    I take my two Dobermans with me everywhere and while they don't shed terribly, they do have dirty paws and sometimes get that doggy smell going until bath time so it was important for me to cover my cargo area thoroughly. This appears to be well made and of medium to lightweight canvasback.

  • Brian M - Good, but could be edited down a lot

    This book could be a third the size, and I would like it better. The essays by agents and different people are tedious. The basic information about the writer's market is, as always, exactly as needed.

  • Amanda Paulsen - FABULOUS Stroller!

    My husband and I LOVE this stroller. We wanted to get the Bugaboo, but the Peg Perrego COMES with all of the same parts, you don't have to buy them separately. Love its versatility and portability--have taken it to state parks, apple orchard and shopping and its perfect for all three events! We have the Via Spiaggio SIP 30/30 car seat and it is perfectly compatible and super easy to use. Love that it converts to a pram as well. WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • J.H. - Surprisingly effective

    I am shocked! I have been a Neti Pot user for years and never thought I'd ever recommend anything higher than that for nasal irrigation. The Navage is soooooooooooooo much more effective than the Neti Pot. The Pot simply cannot apply any sort of suction, which is where the Navage leaves it in the dust. I have been amazed at what comes out sometimes, which would never be possible with the Neti Pot.

  • Bob Lasky - Long time Quickbooks user

    I have been using Quickbooks to manage my business for many years. I always upgrade it when a new version comes out. This one Migrates better than any of the past versions. I think and am hoping that the on line banking is improved. Time will tell.

  • Quan Ninh - Like the one I got before

    Very accurate thermometer. I got a similar version for my mom since she's been sick. Like the one I got before, this is very reliable and accurate. I can measure it on the forehead or inside the ears. Instruction is easy to follow, but you can probably know how to use it even without the instruction. I got this for my family, we are about to adopt a son and we'll need it. Good feel and fit in my hands. Measure accurately and reliable. Great thermometer for the home. This version comes in a nice gift package.