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  • T. Butler - Just awful

    I really struggled to get through this movie. I was hoping it might be good. I maybe laughed at one joke, the others just fell flat. Some of the terms used in the movie like lay lines were referenced. This was somewhat interesting, but other terms were just idiotic and insulting to the audiences intelligence. Some of the CGI ghosts are cool looking. I think a franchise like this should be done really well, considering the originals are considered classics. I hope it gets a remake and then this one gets forgotten.

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    My kids are having so much fun with Just Dance 2015. Great song collections and great dance moves. My kids get all the exercise they need just by playing this game

  • R. Ashcraft - Not enough 'racial profiling'

    My kids were so excited to get this toy and were waiting for the post each day until it finally arrived.

  • Mitzy T - Any Standard Kit should have TWO Gastro Fiber bottles included

    I did this cleanse last year and followed the directions in the booklet. It came with only one bottle of Gastro Fiber and there are not enough capsules for the duration of the cleanse in one bottle. I contacted the sellar and they were good about sending me out another bottle at their expense but still, anyone selling this product should know what is needed for the cleanse.

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    This is probably the most life changing product I have ever bought and used. These are absolutely fantastic and an absolute must for the rest of my entire menstruating life. I cannot recommend these enough. I will go to the ends of the earth to keep this product on hand. Seriously. After the birth of my 4th child my flow became extremely heavy and hard to manage. I used a tampon and pad, and still had to find a restroom about every hour and a half to two hours or risk leakage. I pretty much tried to stay home as much as possible during "that time of the month." Then I started researching for a better way and came across these. I decided to give them a try and have never gone back! Contrary to the 12-hour claim, on my heavy days I only get maybe 4 hours before I need to empty the cup, but that is a very simple matter, and at least I can get 4 hours of peace of mind. If you find yourself out, it's a very simple matter to "empty" the cup, without ever removing it, so you can go on with your day. If you need to accomplish this, while peeing, contract your pc muscles and it will change the shape of it allowing the collected blood to flow out. Or you can even strain as if a bm and it will generally accomplish the same thing. Then you can just wait until you get home to take care of the rest. On lighter days I do get the full 12 hours out of it. As many of the other reviewers state, I do actually reuse one of these for few days before changing to a new one. You can remove them, rinse them out and reuse with no problem. This has been a real life saver for me and I no longer dread my period as I did before. Give them a try!

  • Nick Anderson - Big learning curve, must buy latest edition every three years

    I have used QuickBooks for about 20 years, and it works quite well for my small business. Unfortunately, they only allow you to download transactions from bank and credit card accounts for three years, forcing me to purchase the latest edition. Although they make improvements every year, very few of them are of any interest to me, and if it weren't for the download restrictions, I would probably buy a new version every 10 years, instead of three.

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