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  • rebecca bevirt - Great but not good for Credit Union members

    Really like the ease of setup. Intuitive user interface. I belong to a credit union which has a different kind of bank account setup than regular banks...and Quicken can't handle the subaccounts that have similar names and numbers. I almost had it all figured by renaming all my bank accounts out then the passwords were all confused. So am using Quicken for credit cards and 1 credit union account. Will manually enter the other credit union accounts into Quicken. I am hoping that either or both Quicken and the Credit Unions will figure out how to allow members to download and set up accounts on these types of financial programs.

  • The Professor - The last one I'll ever buy

    One star may actually be generous in light of what Writer's Market used to be in contrast to the abstruse, nearly unusable thing it has become. I was introduced to Writer's Market in 1975, and have made it a mainstay purchase for more than 30 years of freelance success. Over the past few years, however, the format has changed so drastically and negatively that now I only check out a library copy when I absolutely must, and then struggle through the "sea of gray" until I can somehow find the information I am looking for. No category or subject classifications combined with a weak, name-only index make the "new" Writer's Market a readability nightmare. Obviously there was some kind of change in staff or leadership that created this mess, and now is too myopic to admit or correct it.

  • Elizabeth Penny, Author - Loved it.

    I did not look at the author's name but should have known. I thoroughly fall into his books. Another great one.

  • Wawa - Great product!

    I have tried many products and found this one to be the best one so far. You have to be careful and make sure you add the balm correctly first as this will "burn" your skin if you leave it on too long or do not apply the balm correctly. I have times when I had a bit of redness from when I wiped it off that can stay for a couple of days. It did not leave any scars after it cleared up.I believe all creams for this purpose can cause the same results so it is just a matter of learning how to apply it and paying attention to the time you leave it on your face. It works great for hair removal on your face. I am a fair skinned person with hair that is not that coarse, but I do get a few coarser hairs around my chin popping out (grrrr) and it did not remove those, but those are easily removed with tweezers.

  • Ashley R. Erb - AMAZING stuff! NOT kidding!

    My son is almost four months old-we've been using this since about 1 month old and it seriously works...I am not kidding. We've run out twice and BOTH times he was a completely different baby. A very colicky, upset, gassy baby. Seriously!!!! I cannot stess enough TRY it! BTW-it smells like black licorice and is sort of sweet...but he seems to prefer his bottles with it vs without.