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  • KFuller - Just ok

    I simply can't get past the strong smell. It doesn't diminish at all. I have watched demo's and the scent isn't mentioned.

  • Amazon Customer - Looks like the unit being sold\manual is a different version

    As of 11-29-2014 submitted a problem report and I'm giving this unit\company a one star. Lets see how it resolves, I'll keep this feedback up-to-date.

  • bodyworkbydesign - Works as well as my D.D.S.

    If I leave it in as long as they say, my teeth become sensitive. I leave in for 15 minutes and my teeth are white, but not overly sensitive.

  • Amazon Customer - Decent Size set

    This is quite a decent set. This will most definitely do the job. Only time will tell if it will last. The finish is not perfect but it going to get scratched and full of muck and dirt and grease so who cares.

  • Kindle Customer - plastic

    The plastic keg broke before we could transfer to bottles. Beer leaked all over the floor. We are trying to salvage the batch in a couple of growlers, but at this point pretty bummed at poor quality of the plastic spout. Why not make something that won't fall apart? It was seventy dollars plus shipping, and it's for sure not a lot of bang for your buck.