Back in Motion - Friendly Chiropractic in Lewes. Gitte Steffensen and Derek Allen offer chiropractic treatment for Lewes and surrounding areas.

  • About Us — Back in Motion - The chiropractors at Back in Motion, Lewes are constantly undergoing training to provide the best care for their patients. If you are unsure if chiropractic treatment can help you, please call us for a “free chat”.
  • What is Chiropractic — Back in Motion - Chiropractors specialise in diagnosis and treatment of conditions which are due to mechanical dysfunction of joints and muscles and effects of these on the nervous system. Chiropractors use manipulation to unlock stiff joints and also sometimes soft tissue work.
  • Top Tips — Back in Motion - If your back pain has persisted past 48 hours you will need an examination to diagnose the nature of your problem. In the meantime moving around gently and applying ice for 10-15 minutes every 1-2 hours can help to relieve the pain. For an appointment, please call Back in Motion, Lewes.
  • What can chiropractic treat? — Back in Motion - Chiropractic can help these conditions: Acute and chronic low back pain, neck pain, migraine, neck related headache and dizziness, acute whiplash associated disorders, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, shoulder pain/dysfunction, plantar fasciitis, hip and knee osteoarthritis and sports injuries. If you suffer from any of these, please call Back in Motion, Lewes to make a New Patient appointment.
  • Testimonials — Back in Motion -  “The treatment I get is always very professional and everything is explained before the treatment”. “Derek has made my back better than it has been for some 20-odd years”. “The quality of care I have received at Back in Motion, Lewes has been professional and efficient”.
  • Contact — Back in Motion - If you would like more information or like a chat with a chiropractor before making an appointment please call us. Alternatively, send us an e-mail.
  • Blog — Back in Motion - At Back in Motion, Lewes we like to help you to prevent back pain. It is important to think about your posture especially when you are on a long car journey, working all day at the computer or gardening.

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  • Miriel Robles - Does Nothing.

    I bought this not expecting huge results. Well, I got nothing but a tingling sensation. No softness, no supple skin, nothing. Not worth it at all.

  • lattye2003 - Works very [email protected]

    Works very well.. Less time spent blow-drying my hair. It works well but tends to want to come loose.

  • boppy from fountain hill - ONLY THING THAT WORKED FOR ME

    I saw this on tv when it first came out. I watched the infomercial and then realized that it appeared to be a mobile traction machine . I suffered my 1st lower back injury in 1980 and was put on mobile traction while in the hospital. At that time i realized that would always be a weak spot in my back and i really had to be careful on my job. Fast forward to 1998, i suffered 2 critical lower back injuries over a 7 month span to the same area injured in 1980. Only these were much worse than the first occurance suffered in 1980. I went to the chiropractor that my employer sent me to and all that happened was that my pain became more severe.(this guy was not good at his profession. I went to another chiropractor that i had to pay for out of my own pocket & found some relief) So, when i saw this machine & recognized what it did i ordered it. I had nothing to lose. When it arrived ,i set it up & adjusted the approximate height & had my 1st session on it. At about 6 minutes i could actually feel my spine starting to slightly move apart, just as the mobile traction that i had back in 1980 in the hospital. The next morning when i got up ,it was the first time in years that i woke up without lower back pain. I have used this machine on & off for many years(honestly, i should use it more often). With the location of my lower back injuries, this machine did work for me. Again, it depends where your back injury is.

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    Weather Tech products are the absolute best. I have used WeatherTech Floorliners in 3 different vehicles and all of them fit perfectly. I have no doubt that you can find cheaper floorliners and mats but they won't be of the same quality and fit and they won't be made in the USA.