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  • JLeigh - Not a big banana fan, but LOVE this machine!

    This thing is AWESOME. I actually bought a used one to gift to my nephews as a Christmas present, so I pulled it out to make sure it worked before wrapping it up. Of course I had to try it out first since it was pre-owned! I'm so glad I did! I've never had frozen bananas and I'm not a huge banana fan, but this thing can take bananas, strawberries, and other frozen things. Since I'm such a coffee fanatic, I actually froze little shots of espresso and put those in it with the bananas. The frozen espresso doesn't keep an ice-cream like texture without the bananas, but I was surprised how good everything was with bananas. I actually had to buy one for myself as well!

  • Amazon Customer - Great.

    I've been struggling to lose my baby weight for over two years now. But this week I finally cracked down hard. I am using Total Control, Women's vitamens, 21 cleanse program, and Herbalife Shakes. Mixed with 6 days of working out.

  • Jennifer - This product saved my dry, brittle hair!

    My fine, naturally curly, highlighted, blonde hair was so damaged by chlorine that my daughter even told me maybe I needed to just wear a wig. I was doing everything my hairdresser suggested but the damage to my hair was so intense I was considering just cutting it very short. I went to Sephora and a saleslady there pointed me in the direction of Ojon and told me they were her favorite hair products. I looked at the price, gulped and thought, well, hopefully you get what you pay for! The first time I used the Restorative Hair Treatment I put way too much in and just did it for 20 minutes with a shower cap over my hair and applied heat from my hair dryer. I followed up with the Damage Reverse shampoo & conditioner. I hated the smell, definitely smelled like I was at a bar all night but my hair had never been so smooth, soft, and shiny. It was however a bit greasy at the roots but I had just put too much in. I used it again last night (one week later) but I used less and I put a shower cap over my hair, again heated it up with a hair dryer and I kept it in overnight. I didn't think it smelled as bad and it didn't bother me during the night like I thought it would, although I did use less product than the first time. When I washed it out with the Ojon shampoo and conditioner this morning my hair feels perfect. It feels healthy, soft and the ends feel GREAT! I swear by this product and will use it every week. Did I mention that my hair is shiny? I have NEVER had shiny hair! LOVE IT. You MUST try it!

  • iamjiglypuff - Love the quality

    I love my new giant inflatable unicorn. This inflatable unicorn arrived quickly and has improved my fun using our pool for the last month of summer. I recommend inflating with an air compressor because it is a lot of air to use a foot pump or to blow up by mouth. Once inflated I was surprised how easy to use this was.

  • Michael P. McCullough - Great choice for long trip on an airplane

    A fascinating collection of travel writing including a story about "how to" guides for Victorian explorers; tourism under the shadow of terrorism in Timbuktu; a hiker who decides to hike the entire US / Mexico border; and a long essay by an Oregonian who likes to hop freight trains and publishes a 'zine about it. Also - did you know there are tours of the Chernobyl area? Well, there are - sort of a science fiction landscape from the sound of it. Edited by William Vollmann, a transcendent travel writer himself (although he has no pieces in this collection). This was a terrific book for a long airplane trip.

  • Amazon Customer - I like this product because it's helped me to tapper down ...

    I like this product because it's helped me to tapper down on amount of celexa I've been taking. Note: Each person different, do research & adjust accordingly. I have only been on celexa. No other meds for depression. So far so good!

  • rhow - 10 yearold loves it.

    She has them all, still wanted this year's too. So great to see her moving with the music, some exercise with rythym and a big smile.