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  • Sheri L. Custer - GREAT Navage Nasal Irrigation System

    I really like the Navage Nasal Irrigation System. It is easy to use and oh my goodness does it bring the 'junk' out. I've had a sinus infection for over a year. I went to the specialist and was told I had MRSA. Believe it or not I do not have pain. They wanted to do surgery. They put me on antibiotics and was told to use a Nettie Pot. It helped some but the Nettie Pot just didn't clear it up. I saw this advertised on TV then checked it out on Amazon. What a difference, I'm using it every day (today is day 3) and I can breath and not hack out the 'junk' every hour. I'm so happy to finally have this unit. I would likely recommend this to EVERYONE.

  • Anonymous - Hard to navigate on kindle

    I found it very hard to navigate on my kindle. There wasn't a clear table of contents to click from. There was an index, which didn't help much with my type of kindle. I have this one for my nook and I love it because the table of contents is very accessible.

  • JGar - J. Cole's Deepest Album

    I don't think I have ever heard a rapper be more vulnerable or genuine than J. Cole is on this album. Cole had set precedent for that sort of openness and honesty on his previous albums and mixtapes, but 2014 Forest Hills Drive is a step beyond that. This album is really personal, but not didactic.

  • Gobbits - Increasingly worse with each generation. Increasingly overpriced.

    This really should be a two star review because the product isn't that bad, but the ways that it is bad frustrate me so much so often that two stars is too many.

  • Mountain Diane - Fantastic Product

    I love this product that was introduced to me by my stylist to correct my dry hair and scalp problem. I wish the shampoo and conditioner came in a larger size.