Ramblings of Juraj - In recent months I have met many inspiring people. They are generous, fun to be around and solving the world’s problems. Diabetes, partnerships …

  • http://juraj.bednar.sk/blog/2016/09/23/solve-the-worlds-problems/ Solve the world's problems as your career - In recent months I have met many inspiring people. They are generous, fun to be around and solving the world’s problems. Diabetes, partnerships, waste, security, retirement - all of these are huge problems, and I met people that are doing all they can to fix these problems. I think this is the best career move any individual can make; and for me, these people are an inspiration.Many things in this world piss me off, and there are some things I can fix. On the other hand, I met a lot of young start-up entrepreneurs that are working on “apps” that just seem profitable. They don’t fix a pressing issue that people have. I think making the right decision in your career is important and “fixing world’s problems” is the most overlooked guiding principle in our careers. People study law, business or medicine just because these professions “pay well.”Solving pressing problems usually pays well too. If it is something that people care about, they are willing to pay for the problem to go away.The solutions don’t have to be perfect. Some products and services solve huge problems, and it took two weeks to implement them! One of the main misconceptions of entrepreneurship is that it is hard, that only certain people know how to create a profitable business and that you need to attend business school, read business books, become part of a startup networking group or a mastermind. It is not true. You need to find the right problem to solve, find the right financial model that works for you and do it.
  • http://juraj.bednar.sk/blog/2016/09/06/barbell-strategy-for-investment/ Barbell strategy for investment - What you’ll learn: Investment is not about picking the right financial product (like stocks or bonds or mutual funds) There’s an investment strategy that is based on your values and relates to other goals of your life - like elimination of stress There is a way to gain from disorder and chaos, not only go through it That your time, money and energy can be used to help both yourself and the world How to be financially secure even if you are not rich
  • http://juraj.bednar.sk/blog/2013/08/28/avoid-news/ Avoid news - If you have an intellectual minute, read Avoid news by Rolf DobelliI highly agree. I have not watched TV for years now (we don’t havea subscription and I did not bother installing an antenna) and I’vebeen practicing a healthy news diet formore than a year now. It really helps, especially with focus. Thejustifications in the article are sound, and I highly agree with this article. Nothingimportant passed my attention - someone always tells me. I am sometimes inan awkward situation when I don’t know that our country’s presidentsaid something stupid again, but I am actually proud of it.I try to learn more about internal structures of the world by reading books. Iadd to the suggested diet by reading books which I know I won’tagree with to challenge what I believe. I also try to talk to people withopinions highly different than mine.Also read this article by N. N. Taleb which explainswhy noise explodes faster than data (and thus why you should read less news,not more). Warning: equations ahead! :)If you are trying to replace news with some really interesting reading,I highly suggest Taleb’s Antifragileand Dobelli’s The Art of Thinking Clearly. Bothare both interesting and very valuable. They will both also improve yourlife, not only stimulate your intellect.What do you think?

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  • Don W - Nerf Guns Fun

    I bought 5 of these guns and every one work perfectly. They are simple and easy to fire and not overly powerful for play in the house. My 6 year old grandson, 2 boys 25 and 28, Mom 61 and I 59 had a great time shooting each other and playing war around the house at Christmas.

  • Everett Jackson Amburn - Light and Dry

    Light jacket with plenty of good features. However, I wish the manufacture didn't rely so much on Velcro, as this seems it won't last as long as a buckle and you can't replace them. The jacket is light so I can't complain about it.

  • vs6220 - Delorme Street Atlas USA 2012 Plus Review

    I have been using Street Atlas USA since 2005. This stuff is great. It has more features than all my other GPS toys put together. Plus as I get older and my vision continues to fade, being able to look at a full size lap top screen versus the mini screens on my other GPS's is a major advantage. I highly recommend you try it. You won't be sorry!