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  • happy customer - It works!

    After a year of TTC after a miscarriage, I got a positive test yesterday! I was very skeptical of this product at first. I started using pregnitude a week before my fertile window, now not even a month later I'm pregnant! I would recommend anyone to at least try this product if they are having trouble TTC.

  • Callie - No More Heavy Lifting!

    These fabulous pens are lightweight enough that I don't have to worry about my forearm bulking up when I use them to underline the hottest scenes in 50 Shades of Grey. I also love that the pastel colors perfectly complement my womanhood, black was too severe, blue too intense, and red, well, that was for my PMS days only. Now these help me communicate in a way suitable to women, softly, and without any worry of being taken too seriously. Thank you, BIC!

  • jayjustin - i endorse this product 5 stars

    Wonderful product,after reading millions of reviews of how most cases turned out to be wasted money...i found this,and it's the best i've found. fits perfect,feel great,easy to use...and it even protects my phone...hillary and donald both approve this case,that's how good it is!!!