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  • Chelation Therapy | Chelation | Procedures - Chelation therapy is the administration of a synthetic amino acid – ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid or simply, EDTA.
  • Vitamin-Mineral Drip | IV Therapy | Procedures - There are times when for whatever reason stress, nutritional deficiencies, medical conditions the immune system is not able to function at its highest and best level.
  • Getting Your Business To Ad Up | Beverly Hills -- Holistic Chamber of Commerce | IMUSA Articles - This August the Beverly Hills Holistic Chamber of Commerce is meeting on Wednesday, August 10, 2016. We meet at the Beverly Hills Public Library. The topic being presented is ”Getting Your Business To Ad Up.”
  • What is Integrative Medicine? | Information | IMUSA Articles - Over the years we have become used to a number of terms which describe various types or aspects of medicine and healing: Western Medicine, Allopathic Medicine, Conventional Medicine, Traditional Medicine, Complementary Medicine, Alternative Medicine, CAM
  • Menopause Lowers Good Cholesterol (HDL) | Latest | IMUSA News - Menopause lowers good cholesterol (HDL) protection, raises atherosclerosis risk
  • Managing My Depression In The Midst Of Trauma | Latest | IMUSA News - I have suffered from insidious depression for at least 39 of my nearly 54 years of living. At this point, I have lived with depression long enough to know that I am extremely sensitive to human suffering and trauma.
  • Constellation Healing: From Here to Eternity and Back Again! | Beverly Hills -- Holistic Chamber of Commerce | IMUSA Articles - There are many so-called ‘healing’ modalities out there that make numerous ‘healing’ promises; yet the results they actually deliver leave something to be desired.

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  • Mirrek Balderson - Gameplay is fun but servers amd menus are awful.

    I enjoy the gameplay but the menus are so bad and I have been consistently kicked out of games because of the server. Not sure if I will return yet, gonna wait to see if servers improve, if not I will return.

  • KingofTyLand - A solid choice in an mid-priced disposal

    ***Important Note!*** Don't do what I did and forget to knock out the dishwasher hookup plug before you get the whole thing mounted up under your sink. That is, of course, as long as you're using the dishwasher hookup. I was lucky enough to remember before I ran my dishwasher, but it was a pain to knock it out under the sink.

  • Vicki L Hilker - Cidion hand crank grinder

    It grinds meat great but it will not stay in place, the suction is not there. I should have just bought one that you attach to the edge of the counter. The only way I can use this one is if my husband holds and I turn the crank. Ha Ha

  • Ric Donato - Well worth the price.

    Very impressed with this laptop. It has replaced my MacBook Pro 15". Thought a 13" laptop screen would be too restrictive, however I am quite surprised this has been a very good fit. It is amazing how quick it boots and how fast it runs.

  • Donna Dreher - So Cute!!

    What's not to like!? Shopkins are so cute! My daughter collects them and "Crispy Chip" was just a s darling in person!