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  • BooksRuleAZ - Nice for drawing and painting. Not sure about inking.

    The pencil tool in this software is very much like drawing on paper if you use even an inexpensive Bamboo tablet. The interface takes some getting used to but if you use the Help function there are nice explanations. Once you get the hang of the interface you'll like how fast and easy it is to manipulate your work. I'm still on the fence for inking as I'm having trouble getting smooth strokes, despite being an art major with a pretty steady hand. I've read that Adobe Illustrator and Magna Studio have vector support that makes it easier to smooth, manipulate, and re-size brush strokes. For those interested in comics, perhaps this software for pencils, Magna Studio for inks, and Photoshop for color?

  • Kathleen - Excellent read!

    Chip and JoJo's story related to the seasons of their lives was heartwarming! I could resonate with the ups and downs. I cried, I laughed, and was drawn-in to the story from the beginning to the end!