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  • Amazon Customer - good tuck with some bad features.

    Generally a great truck.. it does all the good things that trucks do, but there are several really annoying things that toyota should be ashamed of. Here is my list of top offenders:

  • Spaced Out - Bunk

    Figured we'd save face value sticker price at a headshop and check for this brand on Amazon, and that was certainly the case. The problem was it didn't work at all, this was verified with a $10 set of tester strips also purchased on Amazon, the cheap kind you might drop on an unsuspecting adolescent. If one of those cheap strips flagged positive, I wouldn't want to bet much on the "detoxifying" nature of this product in more rigorous testing environments. Caveat Emptor

  • Bradley Cruise - Great router! 3 minute setup is a fact...I've owned most of the common routers and love this one.

    3 minute setup is TRUE!!! I've owned most of the common routers such as Netgear, Linksys, etc. In fact, I have two networks in my house and one is still on Linksys. I bought this to run a second network for video cameras that need wifi and didn't want to clog my Linksys up. Wow am I impressed!!! When the Linksys goes down I'll replace it with an Almond. Super easy to setup, it's all on the screen on the router so no clunky connecting it to a computer first or having to go to a configure screen. This thing was literally up and running my cameras (and since have added some Chromecast and Amazon fires to it as well). Works great, easy to use and has a lot of features that would be cool around home automation but I am not using those yet.

  • Pedro - It does work

    I bought this product long time ago because of some razor bump I used to get. I used this product for about 4 days. Stopped using because I didn't see any result. I shelved it like I always do with any other grooming product. A year or so later I decided to try it again because I was still getting razor bumps, and because of all the good reviews it got on Amazon. Oh my God. No more razor bump. My face is smooth, no razor bump, and it even stopped the acne I used to get from razor bumps. It stings and stinks, but great product. Just use it consistently.

  • jnmeert - What a mess!

    Like many other reviewers, I wanted something to get rid of the smudging on my 3 year old mahogany hardwoods and this did the trick--for the first application. After using it the second time, my floors looked horrible and cloudy. I tried using several other cleaners on it the past week hoping they would clean off the film but nothing has worked except wetting the floor and gently scraping off the build up...sigh. If only I hadn't used it on the entire first floor of my house...DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT ON YOUR HARDWOODS!

  • OC NOVICE - Great MOBO with HORRIBLE support & updated note on dram voltage

    09/13/2016/TUE update: getting "bd" & won't boot? try 1.35 voltage if using Crucial BLS2K8G4D240FSA.