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  • A. Rutherford - Easy, tasty, with great results

    bias alert - I know Jorge, and I'm in this book - but when I did the BFC I was coming off a period of illness and weight gain, and was not getting results through diet and exercise. Jorge and his program were a miracle for me. I lost a ton of weight relatively quickly (I don't recall how much/how quickly nowadays), and I have managed to keep it off in the years since (somewhere between 2008 and 2010). Once I lost some weight I felt great, and of course exercise was much easier. I don't follow the diet strictly now, but I always read labels, limit sugar and exercise every day.

  • J. Donnelly - No Accountants Copy? Why Does Intuit Continue to Waste It's Money??

    I have been a Mac person for decades, and have been waiting for my accountant to give me the go ahead to FINALLY purchase the Mac version of Quickbooks for, what seems, nearly as long. Prior to Apple going over to the Intel architecture I always had to maintain a PC in the house just to do my bookkeeping. Once solutions like Parallels and VMWare became available, I was at least able to run Windows on my Mac so I could at least do my bookkeeping on the same machine I do everything else.

  • Jazijaz - It left my hair like straw

    I have used this product 2 times. The first time I wanted to cry because I have damaged hair but after using this product my hair looked worse! I followed the instruction precisely so this didn't happen because I left it on my hair too long or washed off too early. The second time, well, I have the belief that we should always give a second chance and the result was the same.

  • CallMeCrazy - Did what it said it would do.

    I don't know how, but this really works for me. I have a pretty ample booty, but at the bottom I have those cellulite type dimples. I didn't expect anything to happen in three weeks, but I was putting it in pretty religiously twice sometimes three times per day. I took a look in the mirror and all those ugly little dimples were GONE. I was floored. Now I can wear short shorts again, and not worry if they ride up a bit.