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  • A. Riddick - My dog did NOT like it, no matter how gently I attempted to ...

    It's literally just a serrated blade glued to a block of wood. My dog did NOT like it, no matter how gently I attempted to brush him. My cat's reaction was similar. Still gets 3 stars because it gets dog hair out my couch, rugs, and car really well. Just sucks to pay 15 bucks for essentially a cleaning tool.

  • R Sanchez - The clarity of my SM-57 shines like the sun

    The clarity and richness of my 44.1k 16 bit CDs shine through like the sun's rays in a latrine. You can almost hear the nicotine resin on the drummer's fingertips rubbing against the maple grained sticks being so beautifully recorded through the SM-57 microphones. Absolutely brilliant and a bargain at only $8000. Don't be fooled by those cheap thousand dollar cables.

  • S. Mahnken - Love among the fossils

    When I read the description of this novel, with focus on the early years of paleontology and a romance, too, I had to give it a try. And it turns out, it’s really good!

  • Allie Whitmer - I LOVE THEM

    I bought these for work, because I am standing on my feet all day as a cashier, and my Vans were constantly leaving my feet painful and crampy. I ordered these in a 7.5 (I am a girl sized 9) and i LOVE them. I love the designs on the sides, I love the cushiony soles and how bouncy they are. I no longer have foot cramps or pain! They are the BEST Nikes I have ever owned!

  • K. Groves - Great for keys and wallets...

    I got the Wallet TrackR item locator to track my car keys and wallet. I am constantly losing them. I needed something to help with that so I thought I would give this product a try. I am very happy with it. It does what it says it does. You locate your items thru the app distance indicator. The Wallet TrackR will beep to give you the location of your items. There is also a separation alert that reminds you to grab your item before you forget it. I would recommend the Wallet TrackR bravo item locator to all my family and friends. I give this item a five star rating based on its effectiveness. Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted rate or free so that I could evaluate, test and review the product to the best of my abilities and to submit my honest and unbiased opinion and experience. The coupon code for this product was provided to me solely for evaluation purposes. My thinking here reflects all my own personal purchasing decision processes and reactions and is no way influenced by the seller of this product, and hopefully may help clarify if this product best fits your own needs and expectations. If you find that my review would help others to make decisions on purchasing this product, please click on the "YES" vote button. I am always looking forward to improving my reviews, so that others just like you, can benefit from my personal experience with this product! Thank you all very much, I hope some of you find this review helpful in your buying decisions!

  • Heather S. Hendrix - very pleased

    I'm always pleased with Mcafee products and this one's no exception. This was sent to me quickly and was in top condition when I got it. I had no problems installing and downloading it and can relax knowing my computer's protected.

  • S. Gilliam - Checkbook Registers

    At a time when I am using my debit card more than checks, I find myself running out of space in the registers which come with my checks. It is a pleasure to find up-to-date registers (i.e., with dates from this year and next year on the back)to use until I run of of checks and get a new one.