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    Country:, North America, US

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  • Tricia - Perfect bumper! Very very sturdy and I get compliments ...

    Perfect bumper! Very very sturdy and I get compliments from random people constantly. The only thing is there are no lights for the license plate.

  • volksman - Great Walking Stick!!

    Really helpful for us. They're sturdy and come with a set of two different attachments so you can adjust for the ground you're walking on. There's a strap on the top to put your wrist through and a comfortable handle to hold onto. There is also an internal spring that helps with wrist comfort. I have to push it to the ground pretty hard to get the spring to do anything, so I think it is just an added bonus, just in case. I have had no problems with it collapsing on itself like some other reviewers, I guess I tighten the locks enough to keep that from happening. I did receive this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Matt Crews - Love the taste

    After seeing all of the complaints about the taste, I had to comment. First off, if you're not warming a little bit of water, then mixing the powder in, slowly adding more water, you're not doing it right. Secondly, I love the taste so much that I actually find it mildly addicting. The product has helped with my acid reflux, dry skin, and even some back pain and I only use a quarter of the recommended daily amount.

  • C. Reidy - Not there yet...

    Big seltzer drinker. Bought the machine last spring. They say it makes 60 liters of seltzer per canister - it doesn't, unless by seltzer you mean flat water with some bubbles floating around. Takes about five good yanks to get decent seltzer but then you are down to 30 per canister. That takes the economics out of it. Cheaper to buy seltzer still in store, in bulk. Then after about a month the machine broke all together. The technology of getting the carbonation in a home economically still not there yet.

  • AZ Shopper - If you use Chrome, forget about it

    This keeps crashing in Chrome. I checked out the problem online and i see this problem going back to the beginning of the year and yet Norton STILL hasn't fixed it. This really is unacceptable.

  • Sergio - Fried my hair and didn't straighten!

    NEVER in my life have I used such a poor excuse of a relaxer! I've been relaxing my hair for over a decade and this was just a nightmare. This is my first and last time trying this garbage. Not only does it smell VILE (it burns your nose and lungs it's so strong), but I followed the instructions exactly and not only did it not straighten my hair at all, but it FRIED it!!! I'm going to have to cut it all off tomorrow and let it grow out now to start over. That's how bad it was. It fried my hair so bad that it feels like straw and no amount of conditioner is helping it. And I paid $30 for this junk! My hair straightens great with a regular $7 relaxer from the store, and I paid 4 times that for this garbage. Don't use unless you want UNstraightened hair and you want fried hair.