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  • CoryM - Saved My Life

    Before the financial collapse I was doing pretty well as a trader at a now-defunct investment bank. Cut to 2011 and I'm unemployed, divorced, living in government subsidized housing, my kids won't see me, I've got a horrendous rash in my left armpit, and I'm missing three toes due to frostbite from a winter spent living in the trunk of a Chevy Cobalt. Until I read this book, my diet consisted of cold Chef Boyardee ravioli that I opened with my bare hands. Now, I nuke it for 30 seconds and it's slightly warm. There's a constant pain in my side. Jesus, I don't have health insurance.

  • Christa J. Gleadhill - Excellent Book!

    I was on a search for the perfect Butterbeer recipe. One without ice cream in it. Anyway, I came across this book and though it didn't have a Butterbeer recipe in it, I thought I'd get it. It was a good price and I really expected just a flimsy cheesy book, but I didn't really care. What I got was this beautiful hardback book with aged pages and tons of recipes! I was so surprised! The recipes are easy to follow and I love how it includes a little history about the dish and where to find it in the Harry Potter books! I love this book and when I get my own kitchen I'm going to be cooking up a Harry Potter storm! The only complaint I have about this book is the lack of a Butterbeer recipe! It's a wonderful book, I'm very happy with it and I can't wait to make Hagrid's Rock Cakes!... the edible kind of course. ;)

  • Amazon Customer - Irrigate your gums, change your dental destiny

    My father had such bad gingivitis that he had some of his gums removed. This man was a diligent flosser and brusher. It was genetic. My mother's side also had issues. So I was left with a probable destiny of dental horror.

  • Nick Sr. - Extremely long shipping

    Even though it took 10days to ship from the time i paid, i do love the tailights. I get lots of compliments.

  • Michelle - Dance icons are very hard to follow. You might ...

    Dance icons are very hard to follow. You might as well make up your own, then what is the point of owning this? And the two person ones when you are one person, are even harder to follow.

  • Kay Powers - Not Really Sure Yet

    I've been using this product now for 50 days and my hot flashes and sweats are at a minimum. But to tell you the truth I've used other products that gave me the same results so I think I'll probably just go back to one of those. When I first started taking this product it gave me headaches but it doesn't tell you that headaches are one of the side affects. I looked it up on the internet. I gave it about a week and then the headaches stopped because I was going to stop taking them completely. Now I am supposed to, at the end of the pills, go off them for 30 days then go back on them. Well, if I am still having them while I am on these pills then I am going to continue having them once off. I guess the idea behind this is that once you go off for 30 days there should be enough in your system to keep the hot flashes and night sweats away. So in conclusion, for me, this product doesn't completely stop my hot flashes and night sweats because I am still taking the covers off at night when I feel one coming on. It just lessens it like other products I've used as I stated. I am not really sure but I don't think I'll take any more just because of the headaches I got in the beginning. I am just wondering about that.