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  • Retro Guy - Poor Fit

    Don't waste your money. You can save a ton of cash and get just as good of quality going to Costco and buying them off the rack. These mats do not fit any better than the universal fit mats you can buy in any big box store or auto parts store. I paid $114 for mats that are worth about $25. Based on quality, fit, and cost these mats give American made products a bad name.

  • J.W. - It continued to work after I upgraded from Windows 7 to 10. I was told it wouldn't. So I'm happy.

    This product has worked well for what I use it for. Primarily that is making CDs. I realize that is old fashioned but my stereo in my car doesn't have a plug in for my iPad so this works well for me. It is easy to use, mostly I could have used the burning program that came with Windows (XP, 7, & now 10) but this had some extra features I liked. I never made video DVDs so I don't know how convenient/easy that aspect of it is.

  • Stephen W - A definite help among other things

    This book came in the mail in pretty good time. I was every excited that I was able to find it with all the included materials for the price. Everyone that I talked with about purchasing the book said it was a good deal for everything I was getting with it. I am taking a prep workshop and the book is helping as well. It is a good price for what is in it. For anyone taking the GRE, look into this book AND prep class. They are a great help.

  • Roy Q - Fantastic game at a great price

    You know the old say "if it looks too good to be true then it probably is"? Well, this deal is legit and it's a great deal. Lowest price I've seen on this earlier release of FS. It's an addicting, fun game with tons of add-on's and mods available for it.

  • Joyce Ellis - Excellent Book

    Everything you ever watned to know and more! This book is excellent and explains everything in an easy-to-understand format. I highly recommend.

  • Kevin - We need more games like this

    I am a long time Call of Duty fan, but they are going in a future route, which I'm more old school. Black Ops 3 reminds me of Halo and not so much COD. I've played this a few hours so far and I love it.

  • jingolo - love is a little much for health and hygeine products

    I have been using this brand for a few years now, which has been the only effective product ever (over the counter or prescription products never helped rosacea acne.) But this product does. However, the product has now been repackaged and provides larger bottles which I do appreciate. I wish the bottles could be bought individually as the toner lasts a lot longer than does the wash and lotion. I highly recommend this product over proactive or other brands one might find in retail strores or online.