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  • 12 Steps to Whole Foods - Shop - GreenSmoothieGirl - Green smoothies are a great first step, what we call the “gateway drug” here at GreenSmoothieGirl. But the true game-changer is 12 Steps to Whole Foods.
  • Your High Vibration Life Podcast - GreenSmoothieGirl - Your High-Vibration Life is new on iTunes! Einstein said, "Everything in life is vibration," and Tesla said, "If you want the secrets of the Universe, thin
  • Annual Group Buy - GreenSmoothieGirl - offers an annual group buy opportunity each autumn. We use our bulk buying power to provide a selection of whole foods at amazing pri
  • About GSG - GreenSmoothieGirl - Welcome to! What I teach isn’t a “diet.” It’s a whole-foods lifestyle you will never want to quit. And the results just might blow yo
  • Robyn's Favorite Things - GreenSmoothieGirl - I have a spectacular whole-foods kitchen I designed and built. Lots of gadgets collect dust and waste space. Many companies market ineffectual or marginal
  • Press - GreenSmoothieGirl - Robyn has received a lot of media attention as she has worked to spread the word about the healing power of whole foods. Here are some of the features we a
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  • Blake Roche - Great Study Book, Perhaps a Little Too In-Depth

    I've never liked study books. I've honestly never even liked studying, but I figured for a mammoth comprehensive test like the PCAT...I better get one. Kaplan popped up first and offered two practice tests, so I shelled out my $40. Overall, I used this book for most of my studying. It's got some pretty good test-taking strategies (another thing I've never understood) and VERY in-depth material on all of the subjects. Actually, after taking the PCAT, this book is a little TOO in-depth. Sometimes you'll find yourself studying your way down a rabbit hole that you don't even need to go down. I made my way through this book in a time crunch (under a month), ended up stressing about not being able to cover all the material, used another study guide...and after all that, the PCAT was much easier than I anticipated (94 composite). I'm not saying don't study - this book will really over-prepare you, probably in a good way. I didn't use the practice tests, but those are a plus too for those of you who like that sort of thing.