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  • Glimepiride with Metformin and Pioglitazone medications - Medicines containing glimepiride with metformin and pioglitazone as main active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs); their forms, doses and companies.

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  • Amazon Customer - I did not notice any strong 'plastic' smell like other customers had reported

    Arrived in a LARGE box, was not bent or rolled. I did not notice any strong 'plastic' smell like other customers had reported. I have only been using it for about a week, but no concerns yet. Would recommend and would purchase again.

  • Nancy Chiczewski - perfect as described

    perfect as described. I'm a woman and I found this product to be incredibly light and super-easy to put on. Looks great too.

  • Amazon Fiend - Blessing for endo & fibroid sufferers

    After just one month of taking both Serrapeptase and Nattokinase, my cycle was reduced from 7 to 3 days. I feel like skipping through a field of flowers...just like the women in those feminine protection commercials. I would strongly recommend anyone who has problems with fibroids, endometriosis, cysts and the like to give it a try.

  • Paul R. Clark - Don't buy Sage Act 2012

    I have used Sage ACT! 2009, and 2011 and 2012. The product is good oksay, not very expensive, and customizable. I just purchased ACT! 2012 a few weeks ago and planning on returning it.

  • Pecos - Not worth $15.00.

    Sucked. Poor writing. Poor direction. Consequently, poor acting. A good piece of meat left in the oven way too long. Should have left the Dad with the boat, kids, and school bus out altogether. The reverse gravity deal was hokey, i.e., stupid. Calling the new tech. weapons "blasters" - well we have heard all of that before in Star Wars. Blasters, really. How about calling them phaser (that too would be copy cat). Or just photon weaponry. Something other than blasters. What killed it for my son - all of the President's line of succession were located in one place, and thus all killed. We all know that none of the administration is never in one place at one time altogether. Will Smith is not in it - turns out he wanted 50M large to do it. So much for the art aspect unless green is Will's favorite color. I hear they are planning at third. If so, they can put a lot more time into script development, get a better director and let's not try to repeat some of the same lines and story from the first one. First one - aliens invade earth, we kill them with a computer virus. Second one - mother ship aliens invade earth to steal its core and we kill their queen. Third one, we go out to meet the bad guys of space in a place far, far away and in the not too distant future.

  • Kemberly Martin - Timely & Imformative

    Thomas Horn is such an amazing researcher. This book lacks nothing. It's all there if you have the gutts to read it.

  • Judimag - Excellent program

    I've been using Hallmark Card Studio programs for years, and am comfortable with its operation. The newest version is similar and easy to get used to. It installed easily on my Windows 7-64 system and am enjoying it very much.