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  • Tami G. - superb product

    Excellent. All as advertised. Emailed the shop and gave them custom dimensions and they were happy to do it. High quality. Highly recommend

  • M. McKnight - good exfoliant

    This has little granules in a creamy lotion that foams up nicely. It seems to exfoliate without drying my dehydrated skin. Feels very clean afterwards.

  • Chris - Good for what it is.

    It's ok, but no one uses Access, really. If you're handling a tiny amount of data you can use Excel, and if you're working at the enterprise level then you'll use SQL Server. It's a decent bridge for someone who has no concept of databases who probably will not bother to learn SQL, but this is a small group of people. I suggest just trying to learn SQL. It's not hard, and much more impressive. Pretty much no one is going to hire you just because you know Access.

  • INTERESTING VIEWPOINT - Don't Waste Your Time Buying Creator NXT2!!!

    This is the worst dvd burning software I have ever experienced. The "VideoWave has stopped working" is a constant error. Encoding menu always stop at 97% and to top it off I had a technical support person from Corel who supports Roxio products who stayed on my computer for 3 whole hours and couldn't solve the problem!!! they are clueless even though this problem has apparently happened to many people and they won't even take the time to try to correct it.

  • Janaya - Excellent product, excellent value!!

    This mat has been everything I needed and more! It's an excellent value for the size too! I found mats half this size for several dollars more in a store in town. I have used it to quilt and sew doll size accessories and it worked beautifully! The guides are easy to follow and I was able to flip it according to what color fabrics I was using. I am VERY pleased with my purchase!!

  • R. Finley - I want more from Shari Lapena!

    I enjoyed this book very much, from the style of the Author's writing to the Plot, the twists, the turns, the guessing, and the end. I was hoping to find more books by Shari Lapena but this is the only one I can find! Please write more!

  • Jenny Lynne - Disappointed.

    Ordered the Parent Child Testing Product 5-Pack as a Chanukah gift for my friends who are recent parents. Box arrived Christmas Eve, but was empty. Christmas morning, noticed a suspicious red puddle under empty box. Box was now full of dead rats clearly not placed there by me. Cleaned rats and called parents to wish them happy holiday, but was told they had both gone missing during the night (stepmother missing as well). Still no word from them. Am now also receiving vaguely threatening phone calls of heavy breathing nightly (roughly 3 AM). Is this part of the test? Surely Parent Child Testing Products would test parents and children together, not kidnap or otherwise harm one of said groups?