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  • Busymom - This saved us $$$$$ because now we don't need to refinish our floors!

    I have to go with the reviewers who say this is a miracle. It is amazing. Used this on the hardwood floors on our 40 year old house. The area near our french doors were sun faded, the finish warn off, and they oak wood looked practically white in some areas due to the damage. We knew we'd have to eventually refinish them, but I wanted to spiff them up in the mean time. I can't even begin to say how shocked I was when I was using this. The floors look perfect now! The faded and damaged areas flow seamlessly to the rest of the floor - color matches PERFECTLY and you can't even tell that those areas used to be in such bad shape. I followed it up with the Howard Feed & Wax polish, which gave it a very nice glow.

  • oregon girl - Great piece of equipment!

    We've only had our Sole F80 Treadmill for about three weeks; so far we love it. I did some research, looked for customer satisfaction, ease of use, noise factor, warranty details, etc. I chose this machine and am very happy with it. It's fairly quiet and most important, it offers a good workout. The treadmill is sturdy and sound and I'm sure it'll hold out for as long as we have it. Also,'s delivery service was spectacular! I read reviews otherwise, but my delivery was perfect, a team of two who worked together, very professional and very nice.

  • Caitlyn S. - It Works User turned Distributor

    I am an It Works Distributor and I take this product every day.. Not because I sell it. I started using this product before I was selling and if I ever stop selling, I will continue to take this, Greens and Regular. If you're interested in It Works, I do have a website:

  • Zeljan Tomasovic - Love it.

    I bought this as a Christmas present for my girlfriend, who loved Just Dance 4. She was ecstatic to play this one. Many more well known songs were included, and both of us had fun playing it. The dances are pretty fun to begin with, and there's really something in there for anyone. Our only complaint was the workouts weren't quite the same as the last game, so it made it a bit more frustrating if you only wanted to get a specific workout in.

  • Amazon Customer - Don't pay attention to people saying fake!

    I bought and received this product and worn Versace Blue Jean since it has been out. I vouch that this is 100 % authentic and not a knock off or a fake. I advise people to try it out it smells great and the females dig it. I wear two kinds of cologne and it's this and Armani Aqua di gio and they both get me compliments often. I just wanted to make those aware it's not fake and not to pay attention to those saying something just because it's has the Name Versace and is not expensive. I don't see any Versace cologne that is that expensive anyway there clothes and other things are a different story.

  • Amazon Customer - it also it seen should be very easy to put the case on the phone

    I got this product as a sample for free or at a discounted price in exchange of my honest, unbiased and truthful opinion. All of my reviews reflect my honest opinion as I am not, in any way, requested to leave a positive review. Hope this helps!

  • Mr Pink - Excellent

    Used to install aftermarket single DIN head unit in a 1997 Ford Ranger standard pickup with non-premium dual DIN factory stereo. A perfect fit. I used the ISO side mounts that come in the kit and threw away the single DIN metal sleeve that came with the new head unit. Breaking off the two top mounting ears is required as was grinding off the spacer nubs on the back face of the kit in order to use the side ISO mounts. Mounted the head unit in the kit and it slid in the stock opening with the pocket on the bottom and locked in place without needing any additional rear support. Looks great. Kit Made in USA, which is nice.