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  • Books and Boys - It’s an amazing read and one you really must get your hands on.

    I love a good book that throws a plot at me that I wasn’t expecting. So many of the books I review have similar story lines, and it’s refreshing to find one where the author thinks outside the box.

  • Alex Morales - This does it all

    I love this program because usually I would keep invoices and estimates and bills all over in separate books and folders. I needed something to organize my business finances and this a complete solution for me.

  • J. Austin - It smells wonderful and keeps hair in place

    I am a woman who works as a uniformed police officer and I have used this product for years, to keep my hair slicked back and in place through a 10 hour shift. My only alternative would be tons of bobby pins, so this is a great option. It smells wonderful, too, as others have noted. I get lots of compliments from other women on how good my hair smells.

  • kittenmittens - Absolute Must Have

    Look everybody knows what goes on behind closed doors, but they don't need to smell it. This has passed with flying colors of everyone I know that has put it to the test. I have no problems putting this on display in my bathroom because its far more polite to have this available than a lingering stench that smells like something died. I highly recommend this for all your bathroom needs. It even comes in petite sizes so you can throw it in your purse like the nice British girl in the commercials. Sorry, fellas. Maybe a nice fanny pack? The one thing I will say though is that some scents seem to be stronger than others. I have tried Juniper Woods, Heavy Doody, Royal Flush and Vanilla Mint. All of them smell lovely and refreshing but thus far Vanilla Mint is my favorite. It starts with a nice light vanilla scent and finishes with a lemony mint. So far it's been the best at covering any smell as well. You can walk into the bathroom immediately after will no ill effects unless you hate vanilla/mint. With the other three they did the same but only failed slightly when it came to the worst of the worst that you could put out. Those three smelled great but there was the faintest whiff of something rotten in Denmark. Mind you they all work fantastic on your regular drop-offs but I have a dad with a cast iron stomach that will eat *anything* and the Vanilla Mint has fended him off more than once. If you're looking for something that will cover most situations then really any of the scents will do but for serious business go with the Vanilla Mint or something like it. I haven't tried every scent to give all my favorites but eventually I will and I have no doubts I'll be pleased with all. Do yourself and everyone around you the favor of getting it. You won't be disappointed.

  • Kerry Berry - not false +, just chem pregnancies

    This was the first stick to reveal a positive last month. We were REALLY disappointed when the results became negative two days later, but a blood test confirmed that there HAD been hcg in my system, and it was disappearing due to chemical pregnancy / early miscarriage. These are well-tested sticks (I've read all of the research, including some original studies not sponsored by the company)... They don't give false positives. They do detect very, very, early pregnancies. 30-50% of all very early pregnancies miscarry-- often before a traditional pee stick would even show positive. This stick will catch those early but doomed pregnancies that just barely implanted in the uterus, but then fail a few days later. Only test early if you can handle the ambiguity and heartache of knowing you were barely pregnant but lost it. Otherwise, wait until you've missed your period, and confirm with a lab blood test right away. My heart aches for the folks who think they got false positives, but most likely, they DID have hcg in their systems, tested when the levels were BARELY high enough to trigger a line on this test, and then lost the pregnancy very shortly afterwards. If you're neurotic like me and simply must KNOW, then this is the stick to get. But knowing early is a double-edged sword.

  • Barry Vista - Smells good and the wife loves it!

    This product is great - for hair at least. Right after my wife bought it I accidently squeezed some on toothbrush while not paying very close attention. Good for hair, but not for teeth. Won't do that it again. Shampoo is great for hair though.