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  • Karen Bett - LOVELOVELOVE!!

    Rec'd a sample from ipsy, love the color and shine. Had recently read an article that women over 55 should wear lighter blush colors! Your product came at the perfect time. Thanks!!

  • Patrice B - Fuller Brows in no time!!!

    So through the years i lost a lot of hair, not only on my head but also my eyebrows. and it was a huge hassle constantly having to do my makeup and add more color to my fading eyebrows. I've been using this eyebrow growth product for a couple weeks, and I can tell that it does increase the links in the fullness of my eyebrows. I have to say I was extremely skeptical of whether or not this would benefit my eyebrows but it does. I paint this product on my eyebrows twice a day because I am middle-aged, my eyelashes have gotten quite a bit lighter and more sparse. This product nourishes the hair and obviously encourages it to grow thicker. Again I was very skeptical but I am pleased that there has been some positive results to report. Don't expect miracles, but I think you can expect your brows to be fuller and more attractive .

  • rachel - I can't believe adobe would do such a thing

    I switched to Mac from my PC, and didn't realize that adobe had converted to this monthly subscription crap. I guess now i'm just going to have to purchase pixelmator until Adobe realizes how selfish they've become.

  • Stephanie - It detangles my hair and lends it a nice and pleasing fragrance

    I use this product every time I wash my hair. It detangles my hair and lends it a nice and pleasing fragrance. One star docked off because it does weigh my hair down some. I have been adding water to dilute the solution making it thinner. Buy this item from amazon because you will not find it cheaper anywhere else.