Home - The «Esse 850 International Class» is the official class-unification of the Esse 850 One-Design yachts and encourages its regatta- and sailing-activity.

Country:, Europe, CH

City: 8.1551 , Switzerland

  • Amazon Customer - units are fine however for heavy lifting specially squads you need to ...

    units are fine however for heavy lifting specially squads you need to put some weights at the bottom for the stands to not move but otherwise great stands.

  • Charlie - Make life easier for your hair!

    Love your hair color? Love the sun? Swim a lot, get tangles? Worry no more!! This is the miracle you have been looking for... Adults and kids!! Protects your color because it has sunscreen in it, leave in conditioner so, no more tangles and so much more!! I cover my hair and my daughters hair before we leave the house when headed for the pool, beach whatever!!

  • Betsy Lazega - Lash Serum the Really Works!

    I have noticed a big difference in the thickness and volume of my lashes in just two weeks. I have fairly light lashes and a few spots that are more sparse. Since using this, I notice some of the sparse patches are more filled in. I will definitely continue to use! There is no color to it and I dont feel any thing weird (burning or stinging) when I put it on. I apply it at night before bed.

  • Layla - Bad outweighed the good

    Although it did improve my mood, it made me gain weight and get bloaty, and it gave me bad, metalic breath. For me it was not a viable solution.

  • G.Hart - Don't waste your money

    I have had the same experience as it seems other reviewer's where the Chargers do not work and repeatedly beep. We've tried them on multiple devices and they are not compatible with any .

  • Carmen Simmons - My Go to for 4c Wash N Go Hair

    Let me start by saying I have 4c, cottony, fine, thin hair. I have been natural for 6 years now. I two strand twisted my hair for the first 2.5 years, because I didn't think wash n gos were for afro textured hair. Finally came the day that I wanted to try something different. Kinky Curly was the first product I tried and when I tell you that I LOVE this product, I am not over exaggerating. If you know how to use it, you should have good results. I tend to cowash, (use the Come Clean shampoo once a month, because it makes your hair SQUEAKY clean); but I always follow that with Knot Today conditioner fingered through each section of my hair (I sit under the steamer with it), and then rinse some of it out. I tend to be heavy handed, so rinsing doesn't eliminate all the conditioner from my hair. I then section each section into smaller rows with my fingers, apply the custard and finger it through detangling and then moving to the next row. I DO NOT two strand twist with this gel, because as noted by others, it is sticky and messy and takes a good day to dry (the main purpose of this product is it to cause your hair to retain moisture so it wont dry immediately because it is soaking in the product and moisture from the surrounding environment- humidity). But that isn't an issue when you are allowing your elongated curls to air dry. I like to spritz my hair in the morning to wake up my curls and redefine areas that may have gotten smashed. I tend to do wash n go's during the summer and man- my hair stays super moisturized during the hot Ga months, and by the time fall rolls around and I go back to two strand twisting, my hair has grown and my curls are less frizzy due to my hair being so moisturized. I don't think this product would work well if your hair is wavy. It is for tight kinky curls that want definition, clumping, elongation, and moisture. Sorry wavy gals. This one's not for you.