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  • Aaron A. - great!

    Great product. Truly feels like you're experiencing the World Cup. Fabulous graphics. Excellent game modes. No flaws.

  • Another Smith - The good stations are still clear as could be

    Fits perfectly as advertised. Loss of signal on weak stations. The good stations are still clear as could be. If you aren't in the same town as the stations, it's questionable.

  • W. COOl - Beautiful, But Broken

    I received my Swarovski 2013 Star Ornament in a timely fashion, and it looked beautiful, but when I took it out of the protective box, it was broken into 3 pieces. I returned it to Amazon with no problems. I had wanted to do an exchange, but it was out of stock at the time, and now I see they have some for about $8 more.

  • Mack Sprear - Shocking revelation requires flawless research and its provided in great measure.

    A fine Tom Horn book, interesting, thought provoking and stunning in some of its revelations and ideas. As usual Mr. Horn turns on his blazing intellect to examine complex things to bring them to a layman's level of understanding. I highly recommend it.

  • Elizabeth M. Grabow - scam

    This product will seem like it works at first, then your hair will start to get heavier and heavier, and dryer and dryer. First I used it on my naturally straight 'normal' hair, then a friend used it on her curly 'ethnic' hair. We both had the same result. Save your money and stick with shampoo and conditioner.

  • Cruz - I picked up the Xbox one when it first released ...

    I picked up the Xbox one when it first released and while it was quite buggy things have gotten and continue to improve here. My biggest complaint as of now is the lack of a Kinect extension cable. I have never even taken the Kinect out of the box because of this. Now you can purchase the One without the Kinect though so if the standard cable does not work with your environment do yourself a favor and just pickup the solo console.