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  • Clark - Excellent Photo Quality

    This is the best camcorder I have ever used. Affordable and worth every penny of it. The videos are amazing as it feels like you are there when watching them. The image is so clear and amazing. This is a very nice portable camcorder that works great & highly recommend.

  • tony - BEAST MODE

    Awesome stuff! If you wanna grow and need a push in the gym buy this stuff, can go non stop with his stuff.

  • J. Heneghan - Acronis true Image 2014 Premium

    I bought it to ghost my ssd c drive. Worked like a charm. After cloning the c drive, I merely unplugged it. It booted up the copy with the acronis loader, so it's not a true clone, but it did work. With all the bad press Norton Ghost received, and the high price, I tried this.


    FREEDOMPOP is a SCAM!!!!!! RIP OFF!!! SWINDLE!!! CON!!! FRAUD!!! HOAX!!! RUSE!!! BATE AND SWITCH OPERATION!!! They take your money for the phone and tell you that you have unlimited talk, text for $6.45 a month. Then they tell you they are giving you 500 MB of FREE data. I paid for the telephone that was about $125.00 and you must pay for the one year of service for the entire year and that was about $77.40. Even with being told I was given 500 free MB of data above the first free 500 MB for the first month, and being connected to Wi-Fi for four days I used the phone, they said I was over my data usage. And because I was over the 500 MB of data, they automatically keep charging your credit card $10.00 over and over and in four days I was charged over 8 times because of an auto top-up feature they say you approved on your account. Then when I went online and disabled the auto top-up, they disable the phone. So I have paid over 300.00 to talk and use the internet for four days. I called the customer service number after being on hold for over 45 minutes; they tell me the talk and text is unlimited but only if you have the top-up feature enabled. So the phone will not work for another 26 days unless I keep topping up the data. Then they tell you they can disable that account and give you unlimited everything for only $19.99 a month. WOW! I did because they would not take back the phone, credit the $80.00 in top-up. They would only prorate the $77.40 to be moved to the unlimited everything account. It is the same with the freedom stick. Once the free data is gone, they will charge your account top-offs. They had not sent me the freedom stick, so I told them to keep that stick and keep that stick. They get the one star because I had to give that!!!What a rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!