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  • Amazon Customer - Best thing ever after alien abduction

    I have been abducted by aliens 16 times during the past 3 ½ years. After the probes and biopsies it is really comforting to open up the book I treasure most of all - Sonia Allison's Microwave For One.

  • Emily Turner - Wanted to love it

    I had really high hopes for this bed. I moved to a new city and needed a new bed. I saw ads for the Purple mattress and loved the concept of it, so I thought I would give it a try. I definitely wasn't in love after the first night, which was a little disappointing. The bed is extremely firm. I think as a lighter weight person, I was not heavy enough to sink into the top layer of the bed. I'm 5'4'' 115lbs and my boyfriend is 6'2'' 170lbs, we both felt too light when laying flat on the bed. When you sit on the bed it seems so comfortable and sinks in quite a bit, but when you lay down and your weight distributes, it is much different. I read reviews that said to wait 30 days to adjust to the bed, but everyday I woke up sore and hurting. Also not sure if this is from the bed, but I could not sleep under the covers on this bed. I would wake up extremely hot and sweating. I thought the bed was designed to be cool, but it didn't seem that way. We even used the recommended sheets. I wear a Fitbit when I sleep, and I was restless/waking up 30 or more times every night.

  • Mike B - Four Stars

    Delivered quickly, fit perfectly. I've been using now for about 10 weeks, and FM stations are a bit weaker.

  • Stefanie@Mommy's Late Night Book-up - ✯✯5 Maitagarri Stars!!!✯✯

    Finally!! I been waiting for Delara and Waleron's story from the very beginning of this series. I knew their story was going to be explosive and I was so right. Nashoda Rose did an excellent job at telling their story from the very beginning while adding the other Scar's stories in as well.

  • Happy Nana - What a super Tv wall mount!

    This is a marvelous tv wall mount. We are redoing out basement and this is going into the rec room. It is exciting to plan things. It is a well-made wall mount it will extend from 40 to 70 inches and we hoped to get our TV up there on the wall soon.