DMC Healthcare - It's about being better - DMC Healthcare supports the NHS with a range of Consultant-led referral clinics within specialisms including Dermatology, Ophthalmology and ENT.

  • DMC Healthcare - About Us - DMC Healthcare is an innovative healthcare provider working in-partnership with the NHS to provide cost-effective Consultant-led outpatient clinics.
  • DMC Healthcare - Community Outpatients Consultant leads - DMC Healthcare provides Consultant-led community outpatient services for GP referrals in clinics throughout the South East of England
  • DMC Healthcare - Physio helpline - DMC Healthcare, in partnership with InForm, provide the NHS with a first-of-its-kind service which offers rapid MSK injury referral
  • DMC Healthcare - Orthopaedics clinics - DMC Healthcare offers the NHS Consultant-led outpatient one-stop Orthopaedics clinics, shortening waiting times and reducing costs for CCGs
  • DMC Healthcare - Minor Surgery clinics - DMC Healthcare delivers NHS Consultant-led Minor Surgery clinics at local-level. Clinics are ready for GP referral.
  • DMC Healthcare - Remote radiology reporting - DMC Imaging is a highly innovative business, within DMC Healthcare, that offers the NHS virtual radiology reporting via a team of radiological Consultants
  • DMC Healthcare - ENT clinics - DMC Healthcare delivers NHS Consultant-led ENT clinics in South East England. Clinics are ready to recieve GP referrals
  • DMC Healthcare - Ophthalmology clinics - DMC Healthcare provides Consultant-led Ophthalmology community outpatient clinics for NHS patients in Eastern & Coastal Kent

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