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  • Rjthomp - Not enough 23's!!!!!

    According to my research, the number 23 is by far the most random number. Hence any TRUE list of random numbers would include a LOT more 23's (in fact it might well consist of just the number 23, over and over and over). I'm therefore giving this five stars, randomly, because 2+3=5.

  • Charles White - Good Operations, bad function check from the manufacturer

    I have used other White's metal detecting products in the past. I currently, have a Garrett, Scorpion. This was my first actual purchase from White's Electronics. When I received this detector I opened it up and verified everything was in the box. After putting it together, I tried it out. Since, my headphones had not arrived I was going to rely on the built in speaker for the tones. The speaker was not functional. I opened the housing and found a very loose 2 pin male to female connector for the speaker. This connector can only be put together one way due to a clip on the side and design of the clip. I rigged it to reverse the leads just to see if it was something that simple. It was, but permanently fixing it, I had to extract the female pins and reverse them. I know that mistakes happen, but a mistake in manufacturing should be caught by quality checks. This problem is a pretty simple fix for someone who works with electronics, but for the novice this is a headache and a returned product. Using the term "Made in the USA" invokes an emotion in Americans. I hope that this company can take steps to ensure the quality of the product. Other than the initial issue, the design and operation is very good. I have only been using this for a week though.

  • J. Graganta - RESULTS WILL VARY

    As stated by other reviewers, results CAN vary. I have used it in the power steering system of a 91 Sable with mixed results. Over time, the leak came back-but putting a little more treatment did slow/stop the leak. I have no problem putting more in in the future. The seals between the pump & plastic reservoir was the issue-even though it was replaced.

  • kent m - Works, but requires lots of patience to build

    This is not for most children, regardless of age. I'd have to say it would take someone at least 12+ (maybe 16+) with lots of patience and dexterity. My hands cramped up winding the coil and it took me (40+ years old) a solid hour to wind. I agree with others that attaching all of the wires was equally difficult. I gave it two stars, maybe a half star more, because I was able to get it to work. I would have been really angry if it didn't work after all that effort. I'm glad I stuck with it, but others should be aware of the determination it requires to complete.

  • David Roark - Great book!

    Great book and easy to follow. Made it easy to pass my Technicians class test the first time around.

  • rob duguid - I haven't loved a book as much since Joan Didion's Blue Nights ...

    I haven't loved a book as much since Joan Didion's Blue Nights and that was a while ago. This is an emotionally honest book that captures all the contradictions that make this woman fascinating and human. She brings the same sort of lyricism to her story as has in her songs and I was very touched by, what for me, was the book's emotional climax: Carole writing the lyrics to one of her greatest songs, Someone Else's Eyes. while her marriage was crumbling.

  • Daniel G Monroe - DO NOT BUY!!! not worth the effort

    Glad I'm not the only one!!! Purchased this thing two years ago. It smelled like burnt electronics as soon as i opened the packaging. device wasn't detected by any of the computers i connected it to, regardless of O/S...I'm not surprised! Wasn't worth my time or money to track down tech support or get a refund.